11 Ways to Improve Blog Engagement

I had it lucky when I first started blogging. I had engagement almost instantly. Maybe it was the topic I was sharing about. Maybe it was the fact that I didn’t know anyone and they wanted to know who I was. Maybe I was just really good at writing. (This is what I would like to think.)

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I think at the time I started, it was part luck and part good writing. Over the years, blogging has changed significantly but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love it just as much. It feels a bit more scientific than it did when I first began. I mean with all of the algorithms and SEO.

But at the end of the day, blogging still is all about connecting on a human level. That is what made me fall in love with blogging and continuing for 6 years. The connection through words. The ability to feel the pain with another person. The ability to watch their transformation through their journey is incredible. This is what blogging is.


Ask for engagement. Sometimes we just have to say what we are craving. Are you craving a connection with those who follow you? Ask them a personal question. People love talking about themselves so let them. Get to know them on a deeper level.

Mention others and tag them in your blog. We all want to grow our circle of people. Share on your blog (make it relevant to your readers) people who they would love to get to know. Whether that is through interviews or guest blogging. Be that connection piece for other people. Don’t forget to send that featured person a message letting them know that you are showcasing them. That way they can share with their audience as well.

Get rid of the crazy amount of ads on your site. Yes, I know that some people monetize their blogs this way. However, I also know that we have all been on a site that is taken over by ads so we leave not finishing what we were reading. This has happened to me and I can’t stand it. I am on your site because I wanted to read your content NOT be flooded with ads. This is why I have never put an ad on my site because it personally drives me crazy. Now I’m not saying to not have ads. Just be smart about it. Don’t cover up what is bringing readers to your site in the first place.

Offer your readers a freebie. Everyone loves free stuff. I know that I do. Give your readers something that will benefit them. Don’t just create a gift just to create something. Make sure that it is offering YOUR readers a solution to a problem that they are having AND make sure it is a problem that you can help solve.

Respond to comments. This doesn’t just mean comments that are made on your blog post. It includes all comments on every social media platform that you are active on. Your readers want to feel heard and seen. Taking the time to leave an authentic comment can really boost their trust in you. Take 20 minutes every day to respond to them.

Show up in other groups. This can sometimes be hard to do but you don’t need to do it in a selling way. In fact, I say keep the selling away. Get in local mom’s groups, business groups, or any other type of group where your ideal reader is going to be. Start commenting on the posts that you have something to offer. Whether that is cheering someone on or celebrating a win that they had. Whether that is supporting someone when they are down to giving them a positive quote. Get your name out there in a genuine way and watch as your connection grows.

Be active on social media. Comment on other people’s posts. This is just like showing up in other groups. Show up on your social media. That doesn’t mean just posting. Comment on the posts of the people you are following. Look up new people to follow and comment on their posts. Have fun. This is a great way to build online friendships.

Include YOU in your content. There really is no totally new and unique content ideas out there. But what you have to offer is different than what someone else in your niche has to offer. Remember that! We all have a different perspective to bring into our blog writing. Share personal stories as a way to connect. Be you because that is what your readers want to see.

Show pictures. Your readers want to see you in your everyday life. They want to know what happens in the background. This doesn’t mean you have to document every part of your life. It means you can choose what your readers and followers see. Share your pet. Share your children. Share your spouse. Share your adventures. Show them what your everyday life looks like.

Be a storyteller. Even if you are doing a list post or a how-to guide, be a storyteller. Your readers want to know how this worked in your life. How did it help you? Weave a personal story into every blog post.

Show your readers your mistakes. Mistakes make us human. Walk them through what happened and if you were able to fix it. This is a great way to create a connection because we all know how it feels to make a mistake.

11 ways for you to connect and engage with your blogging audience. Start today and watch your engagement grow. Do you have a way that works really well with connecting to your audience? I’d love for you to share it below.

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11 Ways to Improve Blog Engagement

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