TweetShareSharePinThere is a shadow that follows me around. A shell of a person who once existed. She hangs around just out of sight, but you can always feel her presence. She was once so full of life. There was magic in her eyes and unstoppable courage. Too wild to be tamed. She wasn’t beautiful in […]

The Shadow

TweetShareSharePinIt feels good to put words on paper again.  Words have always been my way of digging deep and figuring things out.  Life has been a lot lately. Well, much longer than lately. For the past seven months, I have felt like I have been in survival mode, and going into December, I know that […]

Turning Ambitions into Achievements Before the New Year

blogging lessons

TweetShareSharePinIn October 2014, I published my first-ever blog post. A blog post that was 11 years in the making and a story that desperately needed to come out.  This was the first I had heard of blogging. It was something that I never truly had any interest in. It wasn’t until my sister-in-law suggested it […]

The Write Way: 9 Years Of Blogging Lessons

TweetShareSharePinI love challenges and I feel like it has been a while since I have hosted a blogging challenge so here we are, almost in the middle of October, and we are bringing our A game to end the month.  It is no secret that I have fallen off of the blogging wagon. I have […]

Blogtober: October’s Blogging Challenge

TweetShareSharePinLife has a way of tainting us. Of making us feel inferior to others. Of making us feel incompetent and incomplete. We forget how to be unapologetically ourselves. We forget how to be authentic. Hiding pieces of who we are so as not to disturb others around us. Sometimes we can forget those pieces even […]

Blogging: Your Path to Authentic Self-Discovery

Mental Health Upgrade

TweetShareSharePinIt feels as if the Universe is telling me that I need to dig deeper. That I need to take more steps to heal on a deeper level.  There seems to be a nudge from all over that I just can’t keep moving forward the way that I currently am and the way that I […]

Essential Mental Health Upgrades: Non-Negotiables for a Better Life

TweetShareSharePinWhere did the month of August go? It’s hard to believe that as I am writing this blog post, there are only a few hours left of the month. The months seem to go by faster and faster as time goes along. My kids have officially started school again so hopefully having a routine will […]

September Strategies: Building a Blueprint for a Successful Month

TweetShareSharePin“I have been blogging for two weeks and I only have a few visitors per day, what am I doing wrong?” “I would love to start blogging, what niche should I blog in that will be profitable?” These are just a couple of the questions that I hear again and again in the blogging groups […]

Blogging 101: Your Ultimate Starter Guide to Mastering the Basics of Blogging

start a blog

TweetShareSharePinHow many times have you said to yourself that you wanted to start a blog? One time? Three times? Ten times? Too many times to count? I am the type of person who will just jump in before I have anything figured out. I know that I can learn along the way so I don’t […]

Let’s Work Together: How I Can Help You Start A Blog

TweetShareSharePinI have been on a roll with setting my goals. The last few blog posts have been focused on the different goals that I am working towards. It made me realize that I shared all of them but have never really spoken about the strategies that I use when I am working towards reaching them.  […]

August Advancements: Pioneering Strategies for Goal Fulfillment