Let’s Work Together: How I Can Help You Start A Blog

How many times have you said to yourself that you wanted to start a blog?

One time?

Three times?

Ten times?

Too many times to count?

I am the type of person who will just jump in before I have anything figured out. I know that I can learn along the way so I don’t question what it is I want to do. I also know that if something doesn’t work out, well then, it doesn’t work out and I move on to the next thing.

And that sums up how I started blogging. 

My sister-in-law was the person who suggested I start a blog back in 2014 and it was honestly, something that I never considered or even thought about doing. 

Who was I to start a blog?

No one wants to hear what I have to say.

But I want to let you in on a little secret…

There are people out there who want and NEED to hear what you have to say so it is time to STOP telling yourself that you will start a blog and it is time to just do it. 


“I can learn how to blog on my own. I just need to find the time to do it.”

Yes, you are absolutely correct. You can learn how to blog on your own BUT up until now, have you done that?

It is time-consuming learning how to blog on your own. When I started, I thought it was as simple as putting words on a web page and going from there. I didn’t realize all of the different components that are involved in blogging and so I learned as I went.

If you have the time, energy, and momentum to learn on your own, then go for it. I am here even if you are wanting to do it on your own. I have many resources on my website, social media platforms, and my Facebook group that you can access and learn from. 

However, if you are ready to get help, here are some of the benefits of getting help from a blogging coach. 

Help you narrow down your niche

Not everyone knows instantly what niche they are going to blog in. You may have an idea but there may be other options that will fit your blogging needs better. A blogging coach will be able to guide you through the process of narrowing your niche.

Help you set up your website

Setting up websites can be infuriating. Especially if you are not tech-savvy. A blogging coach will help you set up your website. I love watching websites come together. I do not build websites from scratch but in my weekend intensives with clients, I help you set up your website. 

I recommend purchasing a template that you love on the platform that you want to use. With templates, you can change the colours and the fonts to fit your brand. It is less time-consuming as the pages are already set up. 

I love my ShowIt website with a WordPress blog. I have experience creating a website with ShowIt, Wix, and WordPress. 

Not only can they help you set up your website, they can go over the different platforms that you can use and help you decide which one will work best for you.

Help you understand keywords and which ones to use

Keywords, like many other pieces of the blogging puzzle, are a never-ending learning process. I don’t say that to scare you. I saw this so you understand that you will continuously learn as you blog. 

A blogging coach will be able to help you find keywords that you can use in your blog posts and on other pages of your website. This will help you to build a keyword strategy and get your website set up the proper way.

Components of a blog post

You are going to learn to write a blog post in your own way and your own style but there are components that every blog post should have. When working with a blogging coach, they will be able to show you what blog post components you should have.

Social media strategy

Blogging doesn’t end when you hit publish on your blog post. A blogging coach is going to be able to teach you how to create a social media strategy to bring readers to your blog. There are many different steps to this process and by getting clear on the objectives, goals, and platforms you want to use, your coach will be able to support you and guide you through creating a strategy that works for you.

Creating a content calendar

Your content calendar is your blogging strategy. This is where you are going to come up with the topics that you want to talk about and get them on a calendar so you know when you have new content that will be going live. 

Creating a content calendar is crucial for your success. It is going to keep you on topic and help to ensure that you are moving forward toward your blogging goals. 


The three-letter word that gives so many bloggers anxiety. Now, I believe that you learn SEO as you go and it isn’t something that should stop you from blogging. A blogging coach can help you learn SEO when it comes to blogging and even help you set up your website so that it is SEO-optimized. 

Blogging tools

Every blogger has a set of tools in their blogging toolkit that they use either daily, weekly, or monthly. By learning these early in your blogging journey, you are going to better understand how to stay organized, be productive, and stay focused. 

Email lists

As a blogger, you want to create a community of readers who continue to come back. Email lists are a great way to do this. Your coach should be able to help you set up an email list, an opt-in, and get you started with collecting your readers’ emails to stay in contact with them.

Launch with confidence

Once you have your website up and running and are ready to hit publish on your blog posts, a coach should give you the confidence to launch that blogging website. 

Confidence will continue to build and grow as you keep blogging. Having a coach on your side, who is cheering you on every step of the way, will help you gain that confidence. Working with a coach will also enable you to know what you are doing and that alone is a great boost of confidence.

They would have walked you through every step in the process of starting your own blog so that you can start off on the right foot. Launching your blog is a fun way to grab the attention of those who already follow you on social media. 

Read my blog post now if you are looking for how to launch your blog. 

Create a long-term plan to monetize

You may not know right away when starting a blog how you want to monetize it. I don’t suggest beginner bloggers begin monetizing it right away anyway BUT I do believe in having a plan to do so.

Compiling a list of ways that you can make money is a great way for your blogging coach to help you. This is one of my favourite ways to help my clients. By getting creative with how you want to monetize can make you stand out in your niche.


Jody and I met about 8 years ago and we instantly connected. It was as if we had known each other forever and we have grown to be the best of friends. Jody is the reason that I am here, teaching you how to blog. 

You see, Jody has a beautiful story full of redemption, self-love, healing, motherhood, and everything in between. A story that everyone needs to hear. A story that she didn’t know how to share and so she reached out and asked me.

At first, she told me that I should host a blogging workshop and so I did. I had only two people show up to that workshop and she was one of them. It was incredible and those two women ignited a fire inside of me that still burns to this day.

After that workshop, Jody told me that she needed more help and so I created my Weekend Intensives with her in mind. We sat for two full days with our wonderful friend, Anna, who photographed throughout those two days. 

By the end of the weekend, Jody had a website published and was on her way to writing her own blogs to share her incredible story. 

Because of this, I am here, coaching women how to blog. I have strayed off and on over the past three years between blog coaching and social media posting but coaching women how to blog has always been where my heart lies. 

Jody reminds me of this often. Why do I tell you this? 

Well because, she was the inspiration behind my weekend intensives and my Blogology course. These are the two main ways that you can work with me to start your blog. You may be wondering what those programs are so let’s break them down.

Weekend Intensives

Sitting in the room with a woman, listening to her story and her reason for starting a blog, makes my fire burn hotter. I absolutely love watching women step into the power of their stories and every time, it amazes me the transformation that I see in just two days with them. 

These weekend intensives are just that, intensive. We work for seven hours on both days. Well, technically six because we do take a lunch break. We start with a blank slate and I walk you through every step of building your website, starting your blog, and possibly even getting your first blog post published by the end of the weekend. 

If you are ready to jump in with both feet and set aside a weekend to get everything done, then the Weekend Intensive is for you. 

We will go through site set up including colours and fonts. 

We will go through website SEO to ensure it is optimized.

We will go through keywords and categories for your blog.

We will go through blog post components.

We will go through setting up your social media platforms.

We will go through content calendars and setting it up.

We will go through blogging SEO so you understand it.

We will go through social media strategy.

We will publish your blog BEFORE the end of day two.

I have room for one Weekend Intensive every month so if you are interested in getting one set up, please reach out and we can plan for this. If you are local to the Calgary area or even up to a few hours away (additional fees may apply), this can be done in person. If you want to work with me and are nowhere near me, we can do these online.


I know that not everyone has the ability to spend a full weekend with me and so I created a 7-week group coaching program, Blogology. You will learn all about blogging through this course. 

It is broken up into one weekly session that will last between 45 minutes to one hour. In this call, you can ask questions. You will also get one 1:1 call per month (two for the duration of the program) so that we can go over anything that is specific to your blog, website, and any other direct help that you may need. 

This is how the weeks are broken up…

Week One: Creating the 9 areas of your blogging vision

Week Two: Building your website

Week Three: Choosing your keywords & blogging categories

Week Four: Blog posts & SEO

Week Five: Social media & content calendar

Week Six: Publish your website

Week Seven: Blogging tools & email lists

By the end of this 7 week coaching program, you will have your website published and be publishing fresh content. If you would like to join this program, the next round begins on October 4, 2023. I limit this coaching program to 5 women as I like to ensure that I am giving everyone the time that they deserve. 

I would love to help you start that blog that you have been thinking about for a long time. I know how confusing that it can all be when you are trying to do it alone. Take advantage of the years of experience that I have and let me help you!

Starting A Blog




Let’s Work Together: How I Can Help You Start A Blog

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Shelly (Mistic Freed)
11 months ago

I’ve watched you really learn the blogging game over the past couple years. You are doing so good! I know that’s one area of my business that needs more attention.👀

11 months ago

These are all great points! I floundered so much the first 6+ months starting my blog and I would have so benefitted from a blog coach!

11 months ago

I wish this post was around when I started blogging. I sure could have used the help.

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