6 Simple Steps To Build Your Blog

“ I’m finally getting consistent. Another post published today.” C

“How does it feel?” me

“I have mixed emotions. My website views are low, my FB group has low engagement, and I’m struggling to monetize.” C

Over the past few weeks, I have heard a lot of people in my Facebook group and in other Facebook groups talk about how their website views are low. That they feel like giving up and walking away.

I have been there. Thinking that what I was doing wasn’t making a difference. I could have easily walked away and stopped blogging but I knew that I couldn’t. There are still days that I feel like that is what I should do but I can’t imagine not blogging and so I continue.


With most things in our life, motivation comes and goes. It isn’t something that is with us day in and day out. We aren’t meant to be motivated 100% of the time. In our lives, we go with the ebb and flow. The same goes for motivation as a blogger.

How do you stay motivated as a blogger when you just want to throw it all in?

There are a few things that you can do to stay motivated or to at least help bring motivation back when it leaves.

Remember your why

Why did you start blogging? The real, deep reason that you started. NOT to make extra money. For example, I started blogging to share my story. I knew that I just couldn’t go on living like I was and I needed my life to change. For me, that meant that I needed to step into my past and begin the healing process.

So what is your why? What is the why that keeps you moving forward when life gets hard?

Write it down and keep it in a place where you will be able to see it often.

Print out the nice things that people have said to you

I do this and I put them in my office.

I print out testimonials.

I print out nice things that people have said as comments on my blog posts.

I print out nice things that friends and family say to me.

I do this so that when I am having a bad day, business-related or not, I can look at words that someone took the time to share with me. It reminds me that I am making a difference and someone has had a better day because of me.

Use the times you are motivated to your advantage

When you are feeling motivated, use that time to get things done. You know that you aren’t always going to feel motivated or even feel creative so when those times happen, use them to your advantage.

Write an extra blog post or even just an extra paragraph.

Create an extra graphic or two.

Spend an extra five minutes engaging on a social media platform.

When you can use these bursts of energy to your advantage, you are going to notice a difference.


We want instant gratification. When we don’t get it, we think that we are doing something wrong, people don’t like us, or we just don’t know what we are doing. When in reality, not all things can be instant.

6 simple steps to build your blog. A woman sitting on a bed, typing on a laptop.

Blogging is the perfect example of this.

Blogging isn’t something that you start for instant success. No matter how many times you see, “How I made $10K in my first-month blogging?”, it doesn’t mean that it is the norm. Blogging is a long-term game. It is a process that you need to be consistent with, continue learning, and be willing to adapt to what works.

What are ways that you can help to build your blog while you are doing all the right things?

Being consistent is the first thing I am going to talk about

By that, I don’t mean that you were consistent for 30 days and are questioning why you aren’t getting the views. I mean that you need to be consistent for 6 months+ to start seeing readers come to you.

You need to show up and create new content on a consistent basis. Whether that is being consistent and showing up once a week every week or once a month, start building that routine.

Use your social media for what you created it for

You can’t expect to grow your blog if you aren’t sharing those posts with people. You more than likely have a social media account that you created. Start building it.

You can turn your blog post into multiple different pieces of content for every social media platform that you have.

In order for you to get people to your website, you need to make it easy for them. You need to show them that you actually exist. You don’t need to be everywhere but you see be in enough places where different people are finding you.

Create 3-4 graphics for your Instagram and share one post a day.

Create 3-4 graphics for your Facebook and share one post a day.

You can schedule these posts out so you don’t even need to be on the platform anymore. Even though I recommend that you engage on your platform or you are going to not see any growth or any traffic coming from that platform.

Use it to your advantage. To learn more, read my blog post on how to use social media alongside your blog post.

Share your blog link on LinkedIn Features

There is a section on LinkedIn called Featured. This is where you can post links to articles or blog posts that you want to share. I have recently started doing this. Now when I get visitors to my profile, they can see the blog posts that I have shared.

You can also create a post to share it on as well but I prefer to use the LinkedIn Features for my blog posts and then use my feed to teach.

Send your blog posts to your email list

I suggest that if you don’t have an email list, start one now. I use Flodesk and love it. You can save 50% for life by using my code. I will make a referral fee from you using my code but it does not come from you. You will pay no more by using this code.

Your email list signed up because they liked you. You either created an opt-in that they needed or they are looking for your products and/or services. Send out a weekly email that gives them the emails that you have written. That way it comes directly to their inbox and they don’t need to go and find when you published.

Use the platform Medium to share your blog posts

I have been on Medium for a while now but honestly, have never truly used them. As I was trying to learn a bit more about them a few weeks ago, I saw that there were two ways that were recommended for sharing blog posts on there.

The first way is to copy and paste your whole blog post onto the site. It is recommended that you do this 6+ days after you originally publish it on your own website.

The second way is to copy and paste the first couple paragraphs of the blog post and then share the link in the post to send them to your website with a link. This way it gives them a sneak peek of your blog post but in order to read all of it, they need to head to your website.

I am trying both ways to see if it makes a difference with traffic. Come and follow me on Medium and I will follow you.

Try BlogPros for a free 30-day trial

I have been using BlogPros since January of 2022. They automatically scan your website for new content and they find users on social media that will share your content for you. They break it up into different platforms and they include…

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Mix

Remember that writing a blog post is only the first step in the blogging process. In order to get people to your website, you need to share it.

If you are looking for help with this, I have many different services. I would love to help you take your blog posts and turn them into different content pieces for your social media. Book your call today so I can see how I can help you build your blog.

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6 Simple Steps To Build Your Blog

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