90 Day Reset With This ONE Podcast

I love podcasts. I really do but I find them hard to listen to most of the time. Mostly because my kids are loud and crazy. I have found that turning on a podcast helps keep me motivated on my walks alone. It gives me a chance to learn while getting my creative juices flowing.

I believe that if you are listening to really good podcasts, your creativity is going to start flowing more. There is one tip that I would love to give you about listening to a podcast while you are walking.

Make sure that it isn’t a podcast where you will need to write down a lot of things. There are some blogging podcasts that I love but I know that I need to listen to them while I am at home so that I can write down all the tidbits of information that they give.

The podcast episode that I am going to talk about today, is one of those podcasts. It was so addicting to listen to but there was so much information that I NEEDED to write down so I had to listen to it again once I got home.


In my previous post, The Creativity Secret You Need to Add Into Your Life, I listed 3 of the podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis. One of those included, Build Your Tribe by Chalene Johnson. This is where I learned all that I am sharing with you today. I highly recommend listening to the podcast episode yourself to get all the goodness that Chalene shared. It is titled, How to Earn More in the Next 90 Days.

It was so much more than I anticipated it to be. I listened to it at the beginning of January (and I will admit, I totally stopped doing what I was supposed to do so here is my reminder). It fired me up. It wanted me to reach EVERY goal that I had set. It was exactly what I needed to hear when it came to a new year and all of the new lofty goals that I had set.

Creating a 90 day plan to help you bring life back into your blog.

I think I need it even more now because I didn’t reach my goals in January. It is now February and I am ready to kick some business butt. I have BIG goals and BIG things coming so it is time to reinstate what I learned from this podcast and get my butt back in gear.

I thought that this podcast would be like any other goal-setting podcast but it WAS NOT! She gives you the goals to create but then you need to actually create the steps for those goals.


You don’t need to have a business to use this 90 day reset. This will work even if you have a blog as a passion. You can use this 90 day reset in your everyday life. It will work for whatever you need it to do.

I am going to tell you the goals that she gives in the podcast. (AGAIN LISTEN TO THE PODCAST BECAUSE THERE IS SO MUCH GOODNESS IN IT!!!) I will even give you the ideas that I have under each goal to help you create your own.

Goal #1: Plan something special for someone that supports me.

Oh, this goal was fun to come up with. It took me a bit. I instantly knew who I wanted to treat but I didn’t know what I was going to do to make it extra special. And then it hit me. A few days after I had decided I was going to treat her to something special, we were talking about her business and what she wants it to represent. I am going to get a logo designed for her. I can’t wait to do this because I want her to know how much I support and love her.

Goal #2: Invest in something that is a business tool or resource.

I have a couple of things on this list and it is a list that I am going to keep adding to. Right now I have…

  1. Sign up for the keyword course by Moz.
  2. Make traffic happen SEO course.

Goal #3: Schedule 3 hours of implementation per week.

I have totally slacked on this goal. I want to do 3 hours every Sunday since my husband is home. I will be adding it to my schedule this week again.

Goal #4: Every week, do 1 thing that makes your significant other feel significant.

Some of this list I am going to keep private but a few of the ideas I have are…

  1. Fill up his car with gas.
  2. Bring him lunch at work.
  3. Give him a massage.
  4. Greet him at the door with a kiss.

Goal #5: Commit to doing something that moves your business forward.

This was a bit harder for me to think of. I was getting frustrated just trying to come up with an idea. I was stuck in overthinking and I had to walk away for a day or two to come up with something that worked. I finally came up with going live 2 times a week in my FB group and on IG.

Goal #6: Give up something over the next 90 days.

The point of this is to evaluate what no longer serves you in your business, writing or everyday life. For me, this is mindlessly scrolling on social media. I catch myself doing it on FB and Pinterest the most. I am now scheduling time to check those 2 platforms to keep myself in check.

Goal #7: Set a weekly fitness goal.

I have fallen behind on this one as well but I am going to add yoga into my weekly routine 2-3 times a week. I know that my body loves it and I crave it when I don’t do it. I just need to create an actual time to do it for those days that it is on my schedule.

Goal #8: Do something restorative for myself once a week.

I actually never even completed this list. It was a hard one for me to complete. With things in Alberta still mainly in lockdown, it was hard to come up with things that I could do. A few of the ideas that I have are…

  1. Give myself a facial.
  2. Head to the library and read a book in quiet.
  3. Head to a coffee shop and sit there. (I think they open February 8th here!!!!)
  4. Get a Brazillian sugaring.
  5. Get a massage.

Goal #9: Schedule 1 mastermind.

I am incredibly lucky to be a part of an accountability group with an amazing set of ladies. We get together once a week to chat about goals, business and life. Most of the time, it is about life. It is so nice to just get everything out that we have going on with other entrepreneurs who understand the struggle.

This is also the reason that I came up with the blogging membership. I wanted to give my past, current and future clients a place that they can come together and talk all things blogging. If you are interested in joining the blogging membership, find the details on my blog memberships page.

Goal #10: Specific 90-day income goal.

This was fun and scary to come up with. I am restarting my 90 days from today so I am excited to dig back into these and get to reach this goal. My goal for the next 90 days is $7100. That is a big and lofty goal but I can’t wait until I can cross it off my list.

Goal #11: You are going to need to listen to the podcast to get this one.

This was a bonus goal that Chalene gave and I want you to listen to this podcast so much that you need to do that just to get this goal. Listen here.

I have created a Trello board that keeps track of these goals as I go. It allows me to easily go through and see what I have accomplished and what I still need to work on. Each goal is a board and then I create the lists underneath them for the ideas per goal.

Remember that you can create these goals directly around your blog instead of your business. Focus on what you want to achieve when it comes to your blog and how you can incorporate these goals into them.

I truly love that these goals aren’t ALL business-related. She wants you to focus on the other pieces of your life as well. I am learning as I get older that each part of your life is so interconnected with one another that the only thing to do is live life focusing on every piece.

I hope that you give this 90-day reset a chance and let it fill your soul up with everything that you want to accomplish. If starting a blog is part of goal #5, let me help you get there. Blogology Round 4 is open and starting March 7th. There are ONLY 5 spaces available.

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90 Day Reset With This ONE Podcast

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