Goals To Set For Your Content

I am a goal setter. I have been for as long as I can remember.

Goals keep me focused.

Goals help me to know what I truly want out of life.

Goals keep me motivated.

There have been moments in my life where the goals that I have set weren’t my own. They were goals that I thought I should have. Goals that I thought I needed to accomplish in order to be successful.

My idea of success seems to change yearly and I am loving growing into who I truly want to be. It is powerful to drown out those voices that I thought I needed to listen to.

The other day, a client that I had a 30-day trial with decided to resign with me. I was and still am so excited because I loved working with them and what they do. These thoughts crept in and I started to doubt my abilities. Why when they said yes?

Because I thought that I should be further ahead than I am. All the shoulds floated in and made me question myself.

I should be making more money.

I should have more clients.

I should be closing more sales.

I should be focusing more on my business.

Oh, the negative power of shoulds is a strong one and it can make me stop in my tracks. And then this thought went through my head…

I wanted to be making this amount of money per month even a year ago.

And that is when it hit me!! I am growing and building my business. It may not be exactly where I want it to be yet but I am also not a BIG believer in instant success. I went back to my goals and reminded myself that I am still in the building stage. I love this stage.

People are getting to know me.

Businesses are seeing what I do.

I am learning how and who to be in my business.

Goals are bringing me closer to who I want to be and what I want my business to achieve.

So what goals should you be focusing on when it comes to the content that you create?


Before you begin to create your goals, you need to figure a few things out.

  • What is success to you?
  • What do you need to reach that idea of success?
  • Are you motivated and inspired to keep moving forward?
  • What is your why?

I remember listening to a podcast probably about a year already and it started talking about how each person has multiple whys.

The superficial whys are sometimes easier to think of.

  • Travel more
  • Make more money
  • Stay home with your children

Then there are the whys that are deeper and have more meaning.

  • Healing on a deeper level
  • These are going to be super personal and have a deeper meaning than the first set of whys

Get clear on your why

No matter what I talk about, this is ALWAYS the beginning step. Get clear on ALL of your whys. Write them down where you can see them on a daily basis.

Look at where you currently are

Look at your life right now. Where are you with your blog, your business, or your personal life? What do you want to improve on? What do you absolutely love about your life? Knowing where you currently are means that you can focus on where you want to go. You can love your current life and build upon it. That is where the true power lies. Loving your current reality as you build your future.

Write down your long-term goals

Write down all of the big goals. Whether they may take you one, two, five, or ten years plus to achieve, write them down. This is a great place to start so that you can break down those goals into small ones.

Decide what you want to learn about

When it comes to our niche and our expertise, there is always something new that we can learn. Write down ideas of what you want or need to learn to expand your knowledge and help to build your business even more.


Now that you have some tips on how to create goals, it is time to jump in and start thinking of ideas for the goals that you want to set.

Platforms that you want to use

Are there any platforms that you want to use but currently don’t?

Are there platforms that you use that you may not know much about but want to?

An idea of a goal is to think about how you can improve the content for specific platforms. Whether that means currently used platforms or ones that you don’t use yet.

Examples of goals to set:

  • I want to post on ________ social media platform two times per week
  • I want to learn how to add captions to my IG Reels
  • I want to learn how to build up my Facebook page

Using different types of creative content

As I am sure that you know, video content is HUGE right now. Are you holding off on using video content? I know there are days or weeks that I don’t use video content on certain platforms but the truth is, it is a great way to build and grow your audience.

Video isn’t the only type of content.

Do you have a blog?

Do you have a YouTube channel?

Do you have a podcast?

I am not saying that you need to do all of these but this is a great goal to set when it comes to your content. What are different ways that you can get your message across to new and different audiences?

Examples of goals to set:

  • I want to start a blog and post once per month
  • I want to start a YouTube channel and post once per week
  • I want to create content ideas for a podcast

Improve your analytics

Keeping track of your analytics is an important indicator of all the things that you are doing. I do want you to remember though that this alone does not mean you are succeeding or failing.

Numbers are important but we can get so consumed with the number of likes, the number of followers, and the number of engagements we get. That leads us to sometimes think that we aren’t doing enough or aren’t good enough.

I want you to remember that no matter how many followers, likes, or engagements you get on your social media platforms, those people are important. Even just one person liking your post means that you are reaching that one person.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t or won’t get better but it ties in with knowing your current reality and appreciating those who do show up!

Whether you want to improve the number of followers you have or get more engagement, these are great goals to set that you can easily track.

Examples of goals to set:

  • I want to have 500 blog visitors per month
  • I want my bounce rate to be below 30%
  • I want to reach ____ amount of followers on IG

Learn more about your target audience

Sometimes we need to clarify our target audience more than what we have. We can even refine and change our audiences. The benefit of owning your own business or having your own blog means that you get to do what you want.

Learn about who you want to serve and why they need you.

Examples of goals to set:

  • I want to connect with 10 of my current followers and have authentic conversations
  • I am going to brainstorm my perfect ideal client
  • I am going to review my insights to see who is viewing my content

Guest appearances

There are so many different ways that you can share your content and get in front of new audiences. Guest appearances can happen on Instagram, Facebook, podcasts, YouTube, and websites. The list seems endless.

Examples of goals to set:

  • I want to be a guest on two podcasts per month
  • I want to do two guest blog posts per month
  • I want to be part of an online summit

Make your goals fun and a way to get out of your comfort zone. If you don’t reach your goal, you can always continue. I want you to remember that goals really aren’t about the end. It is about the journey to that goal.

If you would like to put a plan in place, schedule a strategy call with me. I would love to help you create a content strategy that works for you and your business. Plus for the month of June, use code BIRTHDAY to get 37% off. This means that instead of a strategy session calling $111, it is $70. Grab this deal while it lasts!!

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Goals To Set For Your Content

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