A Tale of Growth: Redefining Healing in the Year Ahead

I’m finding myself in a place where I don’t want to write.

Not because I don’t have anything to say BUT because the words that might come out may not make sense. They may even hurt people. 

Well, maybe not hurt people but disappoint them. Make them question certain things when that isn’t the point of saying the words out loud.

Saying your truth is scary. It makes you want to turn inward and figure it out without saying the words. That, however, isn’t how healing works for me.

The words need to be released. 

The words need to be free.

The words need to find a way out so they can begin the healing process.

I promised myself that in 2024 I would heal on a deeper level. I have been feeling for a while now that I need to take things to the next level. Share the deeper thoughts that I have. Give them a voice so that they, I, no longer have to feel silenced.

How do you go about that when you are full of questions? Wondering if what you are going to say will come out right?

It’s time to redefine healing in my own way!


Today is the first day of showing the world what I have been feeling for a bit of time now. I love my business. I have loved the people that I have given me a chance to work with them on content creation. The stories that I have heard, the people that I have met, the influence that they have all left on me, will forever be with me and I am so incredibly grateful for all of it.

2024 is a year for me. 

January has been rough and I have been working through some triggers that I have never experienced before so that means it is time for me to walk away. 

Stop trying to be an entrepreneur and focus on the reason that I started blogging in the first place. I am keeping the clients that I currently have and love but I will not be taking on new clients. 

Redefining healing

I have come to realize that it is writing that makes me happy. Getting words out of my head and heart and onto paper. I am focusing on writing, blogging, and publishing new books. There are stories and words inside of me that I have been forcing down because I don’t want to disrupt things. However, for me to truly heal on a deeper level, I can’t do that anymore. 

I need to go back to my roots and focus on my story and take control of my healing once again.

That means that this blog and my social media is going to be focused once again, on mental health, healing, and everyday moments that I am learning from. This is what I love to do and I know that it is time to do that. 

Inword Whispers is the new blog name that I will be blogging under. I feel like it encompasses what I am doing. Bringing those inward thoughts out into the open and showing those who have been sexually assaulted that their stories matter and that healing never truly ends as it is a lifelong journey. 

We are going to talk about sex, about relationships, about healing, about mental health, about sexual assault, about all things Samantha and the journey that she is on. This will be a piece of me, a piece of my life, and a piece of my story.

What does this mean for my audience?

Well, if you are here strictly for blogging tips then I may not be your person anymore. Blogging has healed me in ways that I can’t even truly put into words. I love blogging and believe that everyone should have a blog. How the world would be different if we took the time to listen to the stories around us!!

It’s time for me to grow and expand but not as an entrepreneur. It’s time to make 2024 personal and show myself that I matter as much as everyone else around me. 

If you are ready to take a journey through pain, healing, questions, and moments with me, I am excited to have you here! 

This is what freedom looks like. I get to be myself without all of the titles. I get to go back to being a blogger and making a difference in the world. A difference that I can feel inside. 

So, welcome to my journey through darkness where I hope that I can bring a little bit of light into your life. 

Welcome to Inword Whispers.

Trauma Healing




A Tale of Growth: Redefining Healing in the Year Ahead

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