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The question that every entrepreneur asks themselves…

What sets me apart from all the others in my field?

What is my magic that brings my business to life?

These have been questions that I have been ruminating on all month long. These questions have been keeping me up at night, wanting me to create the best business that I can.

On Saturday, I was lucky enough to meet with another entrepreneur from my small business program. She is a family lawyer who is trying to change the way that the system works to make it more accessible for those who need it. I LOVE what she is doing and how she is changing a piece of how to practice law.

We began talking about how hard it is to be an entrepreneur is and how badly we want to see success in our businesses. We are both amazing at what we do but building success has been a slow process. Something I said to her (and have never said to anyone else) was…

I don’t want people to think that I am bad at business.

As soon as I said the words, I saw her face. She said that is exactly how she was feeling at the moment and for the first time in a while, it felt like I had someone that got it. She wasn’t trying to sugar coat things and tell me that it would all work out. She wasn’t trying to give me steps to do that would make it easier. She agreed and said that she understood because she was feeling the SAME WAY!


I also had the pleasure of meeting another entrepreneur on Saturday who had an incredible story. A story that was filled with pain and triumph. As we were about to leave, he started asking about blogging and what it could do for his business.

I, of course, talked about how it helps with SEO and building trust and authority in their niche but I took it a step further because I was lucky enough to hear his story.

We all have a past and a story. It isn’t always beautiful and it isn’t meant to always be beautiful. The bumps, the bruises, the downright ugly pieces are what help us show others that things don’t have to stay that way.

We have a duty to share our stories to show those who are currently struggling that transformation is possible. Even if they don’t even realize that they need to hear it yet. It is time for us all to make an impact on this world, for the better, and to do that we need to show that our stories are what makes this world a beautiful place.

It isn’t about living in the past.

It isn’t about comparing our story with the story of another person.

It is about building connections. Showing others that, no matter what they are currently facing in their lives, they have an opportunity to better it. It isn’t about change being easy. It is about showing the world that even when the odds are stacked against you, you have the power to change for the good.

Using your blog to share your story is a way to build your community.

August was tough for me. There were many moments when I just didn’t want to get out of bed. When I thought that my journey as an entrepreneur might be over. When I thought that I just wasn’t good enough at business. I walked away from a piece of me that has kept me going through some of the harder parts of my life. It was easier to do that than to look at myself in the mirror and continue asking the hard questions.

But then I began to feel separate from myself. I didn’t even feel like Samantha anymore. Blogging has become a stable piece of my life that has allowed me to show others that healing is possible. Difficult and excruciatingly painful but possible. I can’t give up on my passion because it is taking longer than I want it to.

Running a business may not be my strong point right now but that is why I am taking my small business program. I can learn along the way BECAUSE BLOGGING IS MY STRONG POINT AND I DESERVE TO SHARE THAT WITH EVERY WOMAN THAT I KNOW!!


I know that I like to get the opinion of others. I like to hear what they think about my programs, my services, my business. I have also come to realize that it really doesn’t matter what they think. My business is all about my passion and my expertise. Every piece of my business comes down to who I am and what I do.

I have had many people in the past tell me that I needed to change my title. That calling myself an Authentic Expression Coach wasn’t searchable. That I would NEVER be found. Blogging Coach was better but even then it wasn’t what I should be calling myself. So for the past few months, I have been going between them both, trying to figure out what it is that I actually do and what name fits me the most.

Yes, I teach women how to blog but there is more to it than that. I teach them how to use THEIR voice, THEIR story and THEIR passion to create a blog that is meant to grow with their life. Blogging Coach doesn’t cover the whole story of what it is that I do.

Authentic Expression Coach fills me up when I say it. People may not know what it means but I love that it opens up a dialogue for me to explain it to them. I want to teach women how to use their stories to change their futures. I want them to be able to fully step into their authentic selves and be who they are truly meant to be. It is terrifying. It is scary. We are taught that who we are isn’t always going to be good enough. I want to change that narrative. I want to show women that who they are is exactly who they are meant to be in this moment but that they have the POWER to change who that is when they decide to step into self-love and accept who they truly are.

My business is a piece of me and throughout the month of August, I have been trying to find out what that means. What can I offer that sets me apart from all of the other coaches out there. I wish that what I had, I could write on paper and show you exactly what that is but I don’t think it is possible. I think for you to truly see what sets me apart, you need to get to know me, see me at work and see how my passion comes out when I teach.


I have revamped all of the programs that I am offering through Samantha Laycock Blogging. That means that I have completely gotten rid of some programs and some programs I have added in. I want to break down what my current programs are so that you can decide which program will best suit your needs.

September Masterclass – Creating Your Blogging Pillars: This masterclass is happening on September 15, 2021. I am so excited to have created this class. It is time to get serious about your blogging and start off on the right foot. This is a 60-minute interactive masterclass. Come with your notebook and your questions. Sign up because I would love to see your face there.

Blogging Fundamentals: This 6-week program starts September 22nd. This is the shortest program that I offer except for my masterclasses. I am excited to start this program. It is a new one that I have added. It is different than the longer program because it is just once-a-week group coaching. We will cover a different topic each week. They include Creating Blogging Goals, Choosing Your Niche, Keywords & Categories, Basics of SEO, Elements of a Blog Post, and Setting Up Your Social Media Platforms.

Blogfluent: This program is 3 months in length. It is more in-depth than the Blogging Fundamentals program. Throughout the three months, you will get a weekly group coaching call and once a month you will get a 1:1 call with me so we can dig deep into your blog. This is a great program for women who don’t yet have their blog set up. I will help you set up your website through this entire program. This program starts on September 20th.

Blogging Bundle: The blogging bundle combines two of my services into one. You can purchase these services separately if you want to. The blogging bundle combines a blog audit and a blog strategy session.

A blog audit is a service where I will look over your blogging website and write down things that will help you improve your website and blog. We will have a 30-minute call to discuss what I found.

The blog strategy session is a 60-minute call to help you create your goals for your blog. We will use the information from the blog audit to help create goals and a plan to get your blog to the next stage. This is a very personalized approach to your blog strategy. Once we have your goals mapped out, we will work through action steps to help you get to those goals. I will help you with one of those action steps directly.

So what sets me apart from anyone else in the blog coaching industry?

My ability to help you see the bigger picture.

My ability to show you that you can create a business around your story.

My ability to walk you through every stage of the blogging process by uncomplicating it.

My desire to watch you grow and reach your goals.

My desire to show you that you can create a community around yourself.

My desire to have you fall in love with blogging as much as I am.

What is the magic that I bring to my business?

That I have been in your shoes. Not sure how to share my story until I just did it. I help you see how important your story is. I am your biggest cheerleader, your teacher and your confidant. I will be there every step of the way. I will be there when things get difficult or you just want to give up.

I know all of the emotions that you are going through because I also went through them. That is my magic. My magic is being me and showing up every moment for you.

I would love to talk to you today over a connection call. This is a no-pressure call. I want to get to know you and what your goals are. It is time to stop waiting to start your blog and do it now!! Your story is worth sharing.

Building A Strategy, Learn To Blog




Take Your Blogging to the Next Level

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