The Importance of Your Blog Intro Paragraph

I feel like this intro paragraph to this blog post has to be the most impactful that I have ever had. Otherwise, my title just doesn’t work. So let’s start again.

“This is my story. My story of pain. My story of the year and a half that I lost. Of sinking deeper and deeper into depression. Wishing that someone would understand. That someone would know what had happened without me having to say the words.”

That is my opening paragraph in my book. It is real. It is raw. It is 100% me putting myself out into the world.

What are the emotions that those words evoke for you?

Do you want to continue reading?

If those weren’t my words but I was reading them, I would want to know how that story ended. I would want to know her story of pain and how she lost a year and a half. It has me hoping for the best but knowing deep down it will be a painful story to read.

It plays on your emotions. It creates a sense of brokenness but also a sense of hopefulness. It feels like there are 2 worlds colliding with each other and that there is no way to stop it.

Blog posts evoke emotion.


I am pretty sure everyone probably knows the answer to this but I wanted to talk about it anyway. I remember covering this topic in English class in elementary school. Remember writing those brainstorming ideas? That was my absolute favourite class in school. I know, who would have guessed?!

We are obviously going to talk about intro paragraphs for blog posts and the importance of them. An intro paragraph is the first part of your blog post. It is what captures your reader’s attention. It is what draws them in so that they will read the remainder of your post. It should evoke emotion. Whether that is sadness, hopefulness, laughter. You want them to feel something.


It sets up the scene for your blog post. EVERY good book. EVERY good movie. EVERY good blog post has an opening scene or paragraph that is great. The writer knows how to capture the exact words. The actors knew how to master the scene.

Your opening lines are meant to create emotion and capture attention. It ONLY takes seconds for you to lose the interest of your reader so you need to keep their attention as long as you can. As a blog content creator, you know that most people no longer read your posts. They skim them and look for the information that they are searching for. They will not even skim your post if they don’t like what they first see.

Words matter and they especially matter in the beginning of your blog post. Your intro will dictate the feel and emotion of the rest of your blog post. It will introduce your topic to your reader in a well thought out plan.


1| Be yourself. Show your quirkiness. Show who you are. Talk like you would talk to a friend. This should be how you write every part of your blog. Remember that people are coming to your blog because they feel connected to you. They resonate with you. Show them who you are in the intro post.

2| Share a relatable story. I love using stories in my intros to all of my blog posts. People want to know how stories end. Pull them in with a personal story that ties in with the purpose of the blog. You don’t want to share a random story that has nothing to do with the blog post. Make sure that it makes sense to have it with that blog post.

3| Use power words. Oh, are you wondering what power words are? Well here is what I mean. These are the words that are used to trigger a response. A strong response. Here is a list of power words that you can add to your blog intro to help.

Power words to use in your blog post

4| Talk about what your blog post will cover. After you share a personal story, share what tips or information you are going to give them. What is the problem that you are going to solve for them? Let them know.

5| Don’t overthink it. Just write it. You can go back and edit it. Getting started is the hardest part of blog posts. We tend to overthink and it keeps us stuck. Brainstorm some ideas before you begin writing what you can share in your intro. There will be some ideas that you can’t get off the ground for this blog post but you can use it in another one. There will be 1 or 2 ideas that you find will just come easier. Use them.

Your intro paragraph is important to draw your reader in but don’t forget that there is more to your blog post than just this paragraph. Your first few paragraphs will…

  1. Set the tone of your blog post.
  2. Open up a dialogue for your readers.
  3. Show them that they are not the only ones who have dealt with the issue that you are helping them with.

Remember to tie in your ending paragraph with your intro paragraph. This will give your readers a conclusion. There is nothing worse than feeling like there is more to the story. You know those movies or TV shows that end with you asking questions that weren’t answered. Don’t do that (unless it is a part of a blog series).

If you are looking for a way to improve your creativity, in my Facebook group, Becoming the Blogger Within, starting on October 19, I am hosting an Unleash Your Creativity challenge. I would love for you to join us.

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The Importance of Your Blog Intro Paragraph

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