Writing Your First Blog Post

I wish that I could give you my first blog post. I can’t though because I lost it. I can tell you that my first blog post was incredibly difficult to write. It was painful and emotional. I questioned myself the entire time and second-guessed what I was doing. I let my thoughts of not being good enough and the idea of the secret must be kept a secret to dictate what I was doing.

But the moment that I hit publish, a wave of relief washed over me. I was still terrified of what I put out into the world. I was terrified of the feedback that I would get from other people but there was this voice that was whispering in my head that I had done the right thing. That my life was changing with this published blog post.

You are finally at the point in your blog journey where you are ready to publish your first blog post but you have no idea what to share with your readers. You are allowing this indecision to stop you in your tracks. You are allowing fear to win.


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I don’t think that it matters if you have a blog for personal reasons or for business reasons. I think the first blog post is your way to introduce yourself to your new readers and to all of your followers. It is your way of saying, this is who I am.

You want to introduce yourself more in-depth than you would on a social media post. Remember that blogging is all about creating a connection and getting personal with your followers. Be real with them.

Share a specific moment in your life that lead you up to sitting in front of a keyboard and sharing your story. It doesn’t have to share the whole story because I don’t think that is ever possible. Sharing a portion of your story will draw readers in. They will want to get to know you and it will give them a glimpse into who you truly are.

Stories pull people in.


As a blogger, you want to remember that you are helping your readers solve a problem. Answering these questions for your readers will give them insight into who you are, what you do, and why you are doing it.

What is your why? Why are you here, sharing with them your story? You want to connect to them. You want them to know that whatever your reason for blogging is that they understand it.

What problem can you help your readers with? If you share a specific story, how is it relatable to your readers? You don’t want to share just random stories but stories that are going to have meaning and create an impact on your ideal reader.

How can you help your readers? You know the problem that you are solving. Some of your readers may not even know that they have that specific problem yet. Your ideal readers are going to want to know what sets you apart from others that blog in your niche. Do you have credentials? Share with them your knowledge.

Where can they find you? Share your other social media accounts. Share your website. Share anywhere that your ideal reader will be able to find you, follow you, and learn more about you. If you have a business, share that with them.

I believe that you want your first blog post to be intimate. You want to highlight who you are and share with them moments from your life that have led you to blog.

Of course, how much you share is totally dependent on how comfortable you are with sharing. No one can make that decision for you. Blogging is about connection. A way for your readers and if you have a business, your clients, to get to know who you are and the story behind you.

Don’t be afraid to share personal photos but again, do what you are comfortable with. This first blog post is a way to create a connection, show your readers who you are, and to get everyone excited about the future of your blog.

Share in the comments your first blog post. I would love to read them.

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Writing Your First Blog Post

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