10 Creative Ways to Improve Your Blog

The other day I was going through all of the stuff that my mom has saved over the years. They included photos, my yearbooks, awards and even my baby teeth. Yes, those went straight to the garbage.

As I was looking back at all of these memories, I realized how creative I was as a child. I had books that were written. I had poetry that was published. I spoke in front of the elementary students when I was in grade 12. I have always been creative. I have always had a love for sharing stories.

Creative ways to improve your blog.

I laughed at the memories. I shared the photos and tagged those people on Facebook. The benefit of social media is that most of those that were in those piles of memories are still connected to me. There are moments in our life that we spoon forget and all it takes is a story to come up to bring those emotions flooding back.

Creativity is a connection to those around us.


Story first. Share your memories. Your moments. Your stories. I am such a huge believer in every person having a story to tell. A story that will make someone else laugh, someone else cry and someone else smile remembering the same memory. Stories are what bind us together in time. The people that I have memories with may have changed throughout the years but those stories from years past will always keep us connected. Embrace that. Use that in your blog. Connect to your past, current and future readers.

Use personal images. Your readers want to see you and get to know you. They want to put a face to that blog. Show them who you are. We all have different comfort levels with what we want to show to social media and that is something that only you can decide. Put a face to your words and you will capture the attention of your readers even more. A blog is a personal way to connect with your readers so show them who you are.

Use creative headlines. Headlines are such an important way to showcase your main thoughts in your blog. Whether you use 1, 2 or 3 headings, you want to ensure that they are capturing your readers’ attention. Write something controversial. Use your heading as a way to make a big statement about your blog post.

Use quotes. I know on Wix, there is a quote option. It makes that quote stand out in a way that the other writing does not. Do you have important advice that you have given someone or advice that someone has given you? Share it with your audience in this way. It allows it to stand out in a creative way and breaks up your wall of writing. It also gives your audience a way into your world by knowing what words are important to you.

Comparison kills creativity. There is room for you. Nobody can do it with your voice, with your experience, with your insight.

Karen Walrond

Create infographics. Sometimes what you talk about on your blog is better explained with an infographic. You will also have readers who love graphics and this is a great way to showcase your knowledge in an easily digestible way. Creating infographics will also allow your readers to share and keep your expertise to others. It will expand your readership as well as build your expertise. Canva has templates available to create great infographics if you need help doing that.

Host a challenge. I love challenges. It is a great way to bring your ideal reader and client to you. It is a great way to share your knowledge in a certain topic and niche. Decide on how many days you want to host the challenge. 5, 10. 20, 30. Advertise it through your blog and social media. Show your excitement for the challenge through live videos. Make sure that you are clear on what you are going to teach your followers with this challenge. Tell them what they will learn and what they will walk away with. Your readers don’t want to waste time on something that isn’t going to change their life. I may now need to create a challenge.

Add guest bloggers to your site. Bring in some fresh content for your readers by having someone else write for your blog. You can have them write once or create a team of different people to blog for you. You can create a schedule. I just started writing for Canadian Small Business Women and I write for them once a month. Find a blogger in a shoulder niche and reach out to them. Create those connections that your readers will love.

Use bold and italic words. You don’t want to use too much of these because it can slow down the speed of your site. BUT it is a great way to bring focus to the important parts of your blog post. I use bold lettering when it comes to breaking up the 10 different ways in this post.

Have a unique printable attached to your blog. What are you offering to your readers besides your blog posts? Do you have an opt-in that they can grab? Can you create anything else that would interest them? By creating useful items that your ideal readers want and need will keep them coming back to your site. It is a great way to allow your creativity to shine.

Be consistent in your blog layout. I set up most of my blog posts the same way. I recommend doing that for you as well. It creates consistency in your blog writing. This means that your readers know what to expect. It doesn’t mean you ALWAYS have to do it. Sometimes there will be a post that just doesn’t fit that layout and that is okay. This will also help you while writing your blog posts.

Those are the 10 creative ways that you can improve your blog post. Is there something that you do that helps you bring creativity into your readers’ lives? I would love to hear in the comments. Let your creativity shine through your blog. Keep your readers engaged and wanting more.

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10 Creative Ways to Improve Your Blog

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