Turning Your Infographic Into a Blog Post

Have you ever been drawn in by a photo? Pinterest is the best example of this. They are a search engine but they are based on beautifully crafted images that catch your attention. How many times have you found yourself scrolling endlessly through those beautiful images? You find yourself learning things that you didn’t expect.

Readers love images. They love being able to look at something that quickly offers them insight into the problem that you are solving for them. Infographics are the perfect addition to any blog post.

Your infographic is meant to show the important parts of what you are teaching your reader. A checklist, the steps needed to take to achieve something. You can go into more detail in your blog post than what you have on your infographic.


  1. Use your brand colors. You want your reader to clearly know that you created the beautiful infographic. Brand awareness will be built when you repeatedly use your branding colors, photos, and fonts.
  2. Use language your reader will understand. You don’t want to confuse your reader while they are looking at your infographic. Simple is usually the best way to get your idea across.
  3. Use your logo and website. You want your reader to know who the infographic was created by and where they can find you. This will also help to make the infographic harder to steal and reuse.
  4. Keep it simple. You want your infographic to share a specific set of information. Having a targeted infographic means that your ideal reader will be drawn to that graphic. You can create smaller graphics to cover different aspects of your topic. You do not want to overwhelm your reader with your graphic.
A blue wooden background with a beautiful flower, glasses, and a cup of coffee with a notebook on it that says to do list.

I created a video for you today. You get to watch me in action as I turn the infographic into a blog post. I show you what tools I use as well as a preview into how I write my blog posts.

I hope this video helped you to understand how you can easily turn an infographic into a blog post. I would love it if you would share this blog post with anyone that you know needs and can use the information.

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Turning Your Infographic Into a Blog Post

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