11 Surprising Advantages of a Freelance Blogger

When I first started freelance blogging in June of 2019, I was skeptical. I loved writing and everyone told me how good I was at doing it but there was always that voice whispering, telling me that I just wasn’t good enough.

I had fears that no matter who I wrote for, someone would know that it wasn’t in their voice. I had fears that I would send them the first draft of their blog post and I would get awful comments on it. Fear had its hold on me but I didn’t care.

I have always loved writing and I had been blogging for 5 years at that time and knew deep down that I could do it for other people.

I was lucky enough to be connected to women that were also entrepreneurs and so the start of my freelancing career took off. I began getting steady work from a business coach. I then began to write for a few other entrepreneurs and in July 2019, I landed my first client that needed 5 last-minute posts for other clients.

I remember locking myself in the office of the hotel we were staying at and working my buns off doing research and writing these 5 blog posts in 3 hours. It was so much work but I had done it. I sent them off and she gave me such amazing reviews that I was on a business high.

A business high that I still feel when I send a client their blog post. A blog post that they may have struggled to write because the words just couldn’t come out right. A blog post that they just couldn’t wrap their head around because blogging just isn’t their strong point.


It took me months and months to finally be able to say to myself that I am good at this. I am good at writing blogs. Not only am I good, but it is also something that I absolutely love to do. Being able to portray emotions and connect readers to the writer makes me happy. It brings a smile to my face knowing that I am helping another entrepreneur build her dream.

I help her by giving her the freedom to choose where she spends her time while working her business.

I help her by showing her that her story really does create a connection to those who are already buying her product and the future clients that she is drawing in.

I help her by taking the confusion out of blogging by creating content that helps to build her brand and show her expertise.

I help her by doing what I love.


We all have things that we are not good at. Well, everyone that is, except me. HAHAHA totally kidding. We all have to learn to take a step back and re-evaluate what we need help with when it comes to our business.

When do we want to throw in the towel?

What are the jobs that we are avoiding doing?

What would we rather be doing when we finally get to do those things we hate?

A group of women at a table talking and working.

By knowing this, you can truly come to a conclusion on where you need help in your business. For a lot of people, that is the content of their blog. Now there are many different freelance writers that are out there. You can hire a freelance writer to do all of the content on your website.

Personally, I am ONLY a freelance blogger. I ONLY focus on writing blogs for your business. That is my specialty. It allows me to focus and create content that combines storytelling and strategy in order to help bring awareness to your brand.

Some of the advantages that I share with you, you may already know. Some of the advantages that I share with you, you may not. There are many more ways that a freelance blogger can help you but here are the 11 I want to cover with you today.

1| Saves you money. Now you are probably wondering how a freelance blogger will save you money since you still have to pay them. When you are a small business owner, time is money. When you are spending hours and hours trying to craft a blog post, you are wasting time and losing money. You can hire them for specific projects that need to be done. They are not an employee which means you are not paying taxes or health benefits to them. You are paying them strictly for the work that they are doing.

2| Gives you more consistency. When it comes to blogging, consistency is key. Have you ever gone to someone’s social media account and realized that they haven’t posted in weeks or months? What was the first thought that went through your head? You were probably questioning whether they were still in business. By creating a consistent plan with your blogging, you will help to improve your SEO, domain authority and your expertise. All of those factors will help to bring clients into your business.

3| They know how to blog. How many times have you started a blog post and then walked away? You get frustrated because you just don’t know where to begin. Freelance bloggers know how to blog. They take that frustration out of the process for you so that you are getting relevant content on your blog. They are an expert in blogging while you are an expert in other parts of your business. Let them be an expert and do what they love to do.

4| Keeps you focused on the parts of your business that you love to do. Why did you start your business? If you are working with clients, it is probably working with clients. You don’t want to drain your energy by working on the parts of your business that make you unhappy. You didn’t start your business to do things you hate to do. If that was the case, you would have stayed at the job that made you miserable. Focus on the parts of your business that bring you joy. Your clients will notice a difference and you will notice how much more energy you have.

5| Saves you time. I mentioned this above. Time is such an important factor when it comes to running a business. We NEVER have enough of it. This is a way to take back control of your time. The average blog post takes anywhere from 3-6 hours. That is just 1 blog post. So let’s say that you are writing 3 blog posts per week. That is anywhere from 9-18 hours a week spent just on writing those posts. That doesn’t include sharing that blog post and all of the work that comes after the fact. Imagine what you could accomplish by hiring someone to write your blog posts. What could you do with an extra 18 hours per week?

6| You get an outside viewpoint. As a business owner, we are very close to our business. We know the ins and outs of it. Sometimes that can block our judgement and we can lose focus on what we truly need to do. By having someone write your blog content for you, you are getting a whole separate viewpoint of what they think about your business. They see it as an outsider. They see your business as a client would see it. That is invaluable information.

7| You get more flexibility. This goes along with the time, money and business focus. By gaining flexibility, you have the option to do what you need or want to do. That includes what you can spend your money on, what you spend your extra time doing and even how you focus on your clients. Flexibility is the key to business growth.

8| No need to hire full-time staff. This goes along with saving money. By hiring a freelance blogger, you are taking less of a risk. You don’t have additional taxes to pay. You don’t have health coverage to pay. You pay for only the work that is being done. I know when I work with someone for freelancing, I work with them for at least 3 months. I believe in building that connection with them because that is when the real magic happens. That is a much easier expense to have because a full-time employee doesn’t want to be hired for only a short amount of time. Freelancers focus on the project, get results and help you grow your brand.

9| Personalized service. Now, who doesn’t want that? Working with a freelancer means that you are collaborating. They are helping you create a blog that will help you to build your brand and grow your business. By creating a blog content marketing strategy, they are focusing on your business. They are able to create a content plan that fits in with all of your other social media platforms. You will bounce ideas back and forth creating the perfect partnership.

10| High-quality content. Freelance bloggers are there to get 1 job done. That is to create content that is engaging, content that is teaching them something and content that is getting your brand noticed. If they don’t get the job done right, they will be out of a job. Creating high-quality content will help to build up your business but will also help to build their business as well. You want content that your readers love to read.

11| Helps you focus on your marketing goals. By working with a freelance blogger, they have a bigger picture in mind. They are creating content that will help you reach your goals. Blogging is a long term strategy and one that will pay off when done correctly. Your freelance blogger will help to build a blogging content plan for you that can easily convert to your other social media content. Each of these platforms needs to work together to help you reach your marketing goals. Blogging gives you a long term plan and helps to build on that as the weeks and months go on.

Those are the 11 advantages of hiring a freelance blogger. Did any of those surprise you? If you are looking for someone to help you with your blog, I would love to help. I offer blog management services as well as freelance blogging services. I offer all my services as a subscription-based service which means that I have an option to build your own subscription.

What does that mean? It means that you get to build your own package that includes blog coaching, freelance blogging, and blog management services. You get the option to choose as much as you want of each or none of a certain service. To read more about what I have to offer, head to my subscription services page. Please reach out if you have any other inquiries. I would love to help you on your blogging journey.

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11 Surprising Advantages of a Freelance Blogger

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