Blog Posts Of The Past

To get back into my blogging habit again, I thought it would be fun to look through some of my past blog posts—a little trip down memory lane. I want to share some of my all-time favourite blog posts, some of my not-so-favourite ones, and the ones that were most read by others.

I started blogging in 2014 and if you look at my website, I have 244 blog posts published. This will be number 245!! That number is incredible and I am so proud of all I have written and shared. However, that isn’t all of the blog posts that I have written.

In 2019, I lost 5 years of blog posts when my site was deleted. I didn’t have them backed up and I COMPLETELY LOST THEM!! This is why I talk about having your blog posts written elsewhere besides your website. You don’t want what happened to me to happen to you.


There is nothing better than taking a trip to revisit some old memories. It reminds me of opening up the giant container I have filled with photos from my childhood through high school and dating my husband. I mean, we didn’t really have cellphones yet to take all of those photos.

The emotions that come rushing back as you are digging into pieces of your history. We are going to do this today, with this blog post but instead of photo snapshots, it is going to be written snapshots.

Blog posts of the past. A home office desk with a computer, lamp, and artwork.

This is one of the many reasons that I love to blog. I love seeing my progress. Seeing the beginning and the middle of my journey. As I piece together who I am while teaching others one of the things that helped me to heal.

These blog posts are a piece of me. A timestamp of times that have passed and I am so grateful that they are here for us to look back on. In each section, I am going to share five previous blog posts. I will break them down and tell you what they are all about and give you the links so that you can let me know which one YOUR favourite is.

Are you ready to dive in??


Let’s begin this tour of the past with a few of my all-time favourite blog posts. These are the posts that I absolutely LOVED writing. Honestly, there are times when blog posts can just pour out of me and it makes writing feel easy, and then there are times when writing is difficult and feels forced. This section is going to be all about those times when writing felt easy and the blog posts said everything so perfectly!!

Blog post #1

The Three Phases of Healing was originally published on July 9, 2021. In this blog post, I talk about the three distinct healing stages that I noticed. It is one of my favourites because I talk about how I personally went through these different stages. This is a great post if you are feeling alone through your own healing process.

Blog post #2

Learning To Love The After Version was originally published on June 24, 2021. This blog post talked about my struggle with learning to love who I was after my sexual assault. For a long time, I kept trying to be the girl I was before the rape and this blog post takes you on a journey to understand how I finally learned to love the after version.

Blog post #3

I absolutely LOVE podcasts but in order to listen to them, I need to make sure that I have a pen and paper next to me. 90-Day Reset With This One Podcast was originally published on February 3, 2021. This blog post talks about a podcast that I listened to that helped me to make a 90-day plan and it was incredible. So much so that I created a Trello board for this 90-day reset and still use it. I got so many compliments on this blog post and even had a coach tell me how great of a blog post it was.

Blog post #4

How To Thrive In Your Emotions was originally published on February 5, 2021. For a long time, I thought that showing my emotions meant that I was weak. This blog post talks about how I began to thrive in my emotions and what helped me to step into their power.

Blog post #5

Silence Your Inner Mean Girl was originally published on June 26, 2020. I think we have all had an inner mean girl and may still have one. This was how I helped to silence mine and how my life changed once I started to talk to myself in a way that showed love and respect.


Like I said in the beginning, there have been blog posts that have felt forced and unnatural to me and so these are those blog posts. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t good blog posts. It means that something felt off while writing them and they aren’t on my list of favourites.

Blog post #1

Blogging Coach Wasn’t The Intention was originally published on July 27, 2020. I feel like I could have and should have written more to this blog post. Dived deeper into how I was feeling and questioned myself along the way.

Blog post #2

The Epitome Of Women Empowerment was originally published on June 26, 2020. I LOVE this blog post but the reason that it is on this list is that I should have given it so much more love than I did. I could have talked more about women’s empowerment and I feel like it lacked in its way to be a powerful blog post.

Blog post #3

Thoughts Of My Success As A Blogger was originally published on June 27, 2020. This blog post talks about what I feel success is as a blogger. Again, I think I could have gone into more detail and ways to figure out what success means to you personally.

Blog post #4

A New Way To Break Down Your Niche was originally published on June 28, 2022. I love the concept of this blog post. I had great ideas to write this blog post that came to me while I was in bed and didn’t write them down so when I started writing it, it felt forced. It didn’t come out as I was hoping that it would and so that is the only reason it is on this list.

Blog post #5

Put Your Past To Work was originally published on June 27, 2020. This is a great blog post but again, I could have given it more love and gone more in-depth on how to share your story by blogging.


Here are my top five read blog posts. These are the posts that people loved and still do.

Blog post #1

I’m Heavy And I Just Can’t Shake It was originally published on February 16, 2022. This was an unplanned blog post and it just came pouring out. It talks about how I was so stuck and I couldn’t find a way past it.

Blog post #2

The Basics of Blog Monetization was originally published on March 1, 2022. I expected this one to be on this list because everyone wants to know how to monetize their blogs.

Blog post #3

Creative Content Ideas In 30 Minutes was originally published on January 19, 2022. Again, of course, this one is on this list. Who doesn’t want to know of a faster way to create content ideas?

Blog post #4

Gift Ideas Beginner Bloggers Really Want was originally published on November 28, 2021. This blog post was a lot of fun to write. I think a lot of the lists that we see aren’t for beginner bloggers so this was specifically created with those bloggers in mind.

Blog post #5

Creating An Income While Making An Impact was originally published on March 11, 2022. We all want to make an impact on people and this blog post showed how important that truly is.

How was that for a tour of my old blog posts?!?! Do you have any favourites that you have read that maybe didn’t make the list? Share in the comments and I would love to see which ones you absolutely loved!

If you are ready to start blogging or get serious about your blogging game, join the Emerging Blogger Mastermind that will start on September 1, 2022. I always find September to be a better time than even January 1 to begin goals. Now is the time.

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Blog Posts Of The Past

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