Business and Personal Goals I Am Setting In March 2023

I have 3 or 4 other blog posts that I have started and stopped working on because they feel forced. The words just aren’t flowing like they usually do so to get back in the habit of blogging, I am going to start a monthly blog post where I share the goals I am working on. 

This is going to also help to keep me on track as I have been struggling with most of the pieces of my life since January. My normal routines aren’t helping much so here is to changing them up a bit. 


For most of my life, I have been the girl who worked hard and when someone told me that I couldn’t do something, I would prove them wrong. As Richard and I lay in bed the other night, we talked about my high school days and started to talk about a coach that I had.

A coach that was with me for 2 of the 3 sports that I played. I have fond memories of him and I also have some memories that are more hurtful. As we were talking, I remember talking about how this coach would scream at me if I did anything wrong. Like full-blown screaming and yelling so much so that parents would notice during games that it was me that he was yelling at and would say something to my parents. 

When it was brought to his attention, his response was…

I yell at Samantha because she can take it. 

I have always been great at taking criticism even if it wasn’t handled the right way. It gave me the motivation to do and be better. Now, I’m not saying this hasn’t caused other issues but it has given me that little spark of, “I can show them.” This is where goals come into play.

I can get so caught up in everyday life. From taking care of the kids to time with my husband and everything in between that I can lose focus on what I truly want. Honestly, for the past couple of months, I think that has been the problem. 

Not only have I lost focus on what I truly want, but I also don’t know what it is that I want anymore. Here I am trying to regain that go-getter that I know I am while falling in love with my life and where it is headed. So this is where goals are going to come in. Here are the goals that I have set for 2023.

It is time to refocus, realign, and reacquaint myself with my dreams.


We are just going to count January and February as lost. I didn’t do a whole lot of anything except struggle through the emotions that I was and still am feeling. There is a learning experience in there that I just haven’t figured out yet. 

I am going to break these goals up into business goals and into personal goals. This is going to help me keep track of everything that I have going on. Let’s start with the personal goals for March 2023.


1} Continue to make lunches for my boss and me. I have a full-time day job. I work for my friend, Nikaela, who started her own swim school in Alberta. I am the administrative assistant. We had been eating so much crap lately with work being so busy and we all decided that it needed to change and so I am now in charge of making our lunches every day for the work week. 

I love cooking and it is keeping us both on track. Here are a few of the meals that I made for us this past week. I can’t wait to continue with this. It is helping us both eat healthier. 

2} Meditate silently for 20 minutes per day. I love to meditate and I usually meditate at least once a day. Meditation is part of my morning routine and that is the first thing I do before I even get out of bed. I start my morning with a guided meditation. I now want to end my day with a silent meditation and make it a priority. 

3} No eating out for the month of March. I won’t lie, this will be the hardest. I love being able to take a night off and not have to cook because it also means there is no clean up to do. However, we are saving for our vacation in June and so this is going to help us put more money towards that. Hopefully, that is enough motivation. (I can then eat some of my favourite foods and restaurants in Wisconsin when I am home!!!!)

4} Read every single day. I love to read but there are days that I can get caught up and just not do it. I have been doing incredible with reading the past couple of weeks and I have read two new books. Halfway through a third one. I do love reading and I am going to challenge myself to read every day even if it is only for 10 minutes. 

So far in 2023, I have read…

  • Aleph by Paulo Coelho
  • My Wife Is Missing by D.J Palmer
  • Memorial Drive by Natasha Trethewey
  • Sacred Sex by Gabriela Herstik
  • The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley (Currently reading)
Business and personal goals for March 2023
Business and personal goals for March 2023


1} Blog 2 times per week. I won’t lie. This has been a struggle for me in the headspace that I am in but hopefully, this blog is going to help change that. Once I get started again and build that routine, I can get these blog posts finished.

2} Write my book for at least an hour per week. I wanted to have the first draft done last September and I keep putting it off. This is the year that I finish it and get it published. It is exhausting emotionally to write it but I feel like this is the next stage of healing for me.

3} Get 1 section of my self-paced blog course written out and recorded. Again, this is another thing that I have been putting off. I wanted to have this course ready to go in January but May will be just as good. 

4} Send out 2 guest blog posts. This month in my Facebook group, we are doing a 31 Days of Collaboration challenge. I am super excited to be doing this as it is going to help me start to focus on different pieces of my business to help me grow in new ways.

These are the goals that I am working towards for the month of March. Watch for the updates when I do the April goal post next month. What goals are you working towards? If you are looking for accountability moving forward, join the Goal Accountability Membership.

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Business and Personal Goals I Am Setting In March 2023

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