Creative Purpose

TweetShareSharePinJuly was a month full of reflection that I wasn’t prepared for. I had all of these big goals and was ready to return from vacation and set them on fire. Well, that DID NOT happen! Instead, I did a lot of work behind the scenes and within myself. Trying to figure out where I […]

August Goals: Mapping Out A Successful Month

TweetShareSharePinThe month of May was one that I would prefer to avoid repeating. There were things that went terribly wrong and things that will forever leave my heart more broken than before.  Looking back on May, these are the moments in May that stand out the most. I feel like I am going into the […]

Fueling Growth: Chasing My Blogging And Business Goals

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TweetShareSharePinIn today’s digital landscape, information is readily accessible, and content marketing has emerged as an important strategy for service-based businesses to boost their brand presence and attract potential clients. Unlike traditional marketing methods that focus on selling products or services, content marketing is about creating valuable and relevant content that resonates with your target audience.  […]

The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Service-Based Businesses

TweetShareSharePinMarch flew by. I think I may still be trying to catch my breath and I am currently working on reviewing my blogging and business goals. Last month I said that writing this monthly blog post was keeping me on track and accountable for the goals that I am working towards. So here we go […]

March Review And April Business Goals

Sometimes we need to take a break from creating content but how do we keep our audience engaged and coming back? Here are 3 simple ideas on what to do.

What To Do When You Take A Break From Creating Content

TweetShareSharePinI have 3 or 4 other blog posts that I have started and stopped working on because they feel forced. The words just aren’t flowing like they usually do so to get back in the habit of blogging, I am going to start a monthly blog post where I share the goals I am working […]

Business and Personal Goals I Am Setting In March 2023

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TweetShareSharePinThat little voice becomes a shout in a matter of moments.  We listen to it day in and day out and it begins to weaken our voice of reason. The voice that is telling us that we are good at what we do starts to whisper in comparison to the shout. That shout begins to […]

The Thing With Imposter Syndrome

TweetShareSharePinAs I sit here and start planning 2023 and think about the goals that I want to achieve, I look back at 2022 and see how the goals I set at the beginning of the year did. This blog is going to break down what went well, what didn’t go so well, and everything in […]

My Business Highs And Lows of 2022

TweetShareSharePinWriting the blog post is only a piece of the work that needs to be done. Scary thought, right? You are reading this wondering how you can not only write a blog post but also promote your blog post so that you get eyes on it. Honestly, the real work comes after you hit publish […]

How to Promote Your Small Business Blog

TweetShareSharePinWhen it comes to your business, whether you are creating products or services, you want to make sure that you are seen as an expert. Being seen as an expert means that you can build up your authority, build up trust easier, and begin to grow your business. I never saw myself as a blogging […]

Building a Blog That Shares Your Expertise