August Goals: Mapping Out A Successful Month

July was a month full of reflection that I wasn’t prepared for. I had all of these big goals and was ready to return from vacation and set them on fire. Well, that DID NOT happen!

Instead, I did a lot of work behind the scenes and within myself. Trying to figure out where I want to go with my business and even in my personal life. It was a lot harder to come back from vacation than I expected it to be. I planned on just getting back into my daily routine and again, I just couldn’t find the motivation to get back into that routine. That is when I knew things needed to change. 

I feel like I am walking into August feeling in control and more aligned with what I should be doing and ready to reach my August goals. Let’s jump in and review how my July goals went.


If you want to read the full blog post, you can do that here, July Monthly Goals. I broke my goals into business, blogging, and personal categories. Let’s have a look at the business goals that I was working towards in July.

Goal 1: Sell 20 copies of my poetry book

I was really hoping to focus on the sale of my poetry book but I didn’t advertise it much. My mom, sisters, and husband have their own copy. 

Goal 2: Get clear on where I want my business to go

This I did accomplish. I spent time reworking my website and I am going to have a few people look it over to make sure that I have enough information on it. I now just have to finish adding a shop page to my website.

Now let’s dive into the blogging goals that I set for myself.

Goal 1: Get 10x the traffic to my blog

Well, I know for sure that this didn’t happen. I only wrote one of two blog posts and I didn’t share them like I usually do. My traffic is up from the month of June but I didn’t get to what I wanted to get to.

Goal 2: Get 1 or 2 guest bloggers on my blog

This didn’t happen as I didn’t reach out to anyone. I may put this goal off for another month and get back into the habit of blogging for myself before I add anyone to my site. 

Those were my blogging goals for the month of July. Now let’s review the personal goals that I set for myself.

Goal 1: Swim 3 to 5 times per week

I barely had the energy to go to work so this just didn’t happen. I love swimming and I know that it is something that I want to add back into my life so this will need to happen.

Goal 2: Get back into my morning routine

I am still trying to figure out how I can get back into my morning routine with a puppy. It feels like I have way less time than I used to and I am struggling with that part. If you have any tips, I would love to hear them!

Goal 3: Focus on healthy eating

I have been doing well with this goal. I have been bringing lunch to work and I have added extra water to my diet. I know in August this will continue to be a focus as something exciting is happening. Read on to see what my goal is for August.

Goal 4: Focus on creating a budget

I now know what a normal paycheck will be like and I have been working hard on creating a budget that I can stick to. I am almost there.

As you can see, my goals for the month of July didn’t really come to fruition but here are a few things that did go really well.

I have started doing a morning walk with Nova.

I have started doing an evening walk with Nova.

I got a raise at work after being there for two months.

Our vehicle is now officially paid off. 

I started drinking chlorophyll water daily.

I have been taking my vitamins daily.

I have been packing a lunch for work. (Only a few days that I didn’t!)

I made a savings plan for the rest of the year.

August goals: Mapping Out A Successful Month

Now the fun part…

Let’s dive into the goals that I have set for myself for the month of August.


Business Goals

Now that I feel more aligned and ready to move forward in my business, I am excited for the month of August. I have changed the services that I offer as I am not focusing on social media content creation anymore. That isn’t where my passion is and so I am going back to my passion which is blogging.

Except for my current clients, I will not be accepting social media content creation clients. Well, to make it more clear, they can’t just be a social media client. I will now only be helping my blogging clients with their social media. 

Goal 1: Get 2 women signed up for my Blogology group coaching program

I only run this program four times a year and I haven’t put it on for a little while and now I am ready to build this program up again. I absolutely LOVE helping women start their blogs so that they can share their stories. It is my passion and I can’t wait to see the transformations.

Goal 2: Have a book-reading event

I want to think of a creative way to get my poetry book, Meraki Pages, (YOU should grab your own copy!) out there and I am going to create a book reading and signing party. I am currently looking into different platforms that I will be able to host this and I will hopefully have this figured out and planned before September. 

Blogging Goals

Goal 1: Get my traffic up 10x than what it currently is

Now that I am ready to rock and roll, I am ready to get my traffic back. I am going to do the Rebuild Your Blog Challenge again since I saw such great results with that. I have great ideas on what I am going to write about for the month of August so I hope you are READY for some incredible content!

Goal 2: Write a guest blog post for someone

I have a list of bloggers that I want to write for and I haven’t taken the time to submit a blog post or even an idea to them. In the month of August, my goal is to get one guest blog post out in the world. Would you like me to write for your blog? Reach out and I would love what I could write about.

Personal Goals

I am SOOOOOO EXCITED for my personal goals this month. After so much contemplation that happened in the month of July, I am ready to step it up a notch in this department.

Goal 1: Beat my husband in our wellness challenge

Technically the challenge doesn’t end until September 15 but it starts on August 1 so I am so excited for this challenge. 

I have created habit trackers for both of us and we are keeping track of those habits as well as our measurements and our weight. I didn’t want this to be strictly about weight loss and I wanted it to focus on overall wellness so the tasks that we are working on are…

  • Daily evening walk
  • Stretch 5-10 minutes per day
  • Read at least 10 pages
  • Daily meditation
  • No eating out
  • No phone 30 minutes before bed
  • Pack lunches for work
  • Write a daily gratitude list
  • 20-minute workout 3 times per week
  • Take daily vitamins

We are keeping track to see who has the most checked off. We have a bet going on and if he wins, I buy him some fancy flashlight that he wants and if I win, he buys me a bunch of lingerie! So cheer me on and keep watching as I will update everyone as we go through the challenge.

Goal 2: Start my savings plan

I am focusing on getting more savings set aside so that if anything were to happen, we can be a bit more prepared. I have worked on and off our whole marriage and now it feels like we are finally at a spot where things are falling into place. 

It is recommended to save 10% of your income, however, I don’t want to start that big as I know I need to build up the habit first. For the month of August, I am saving 4% of each paycheck. This will go into an emergency fund. 

There are also a few separate things that I am saving for but they will be in a different savings account and won’t count towards the 4%. Each month following August, I will be adding one percent to my savings plan. 

This is going to help me create the habit of saving but do it where I don’t feel like I am losing out. 

Those are my business, blogging, and personal goals for the month of August. What is it that you are working towards in August?

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August Goals: Mapping Out A Successful Month

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Ashly Edmiston
8 months ago

These are great goals. I didn’t get a lot of goals I had for July done either, but I refocused at the end of July and have at least started most of them.

8 months ago

That’s an efficient way of goal planning…best wishes…achieve your goals and celebrate each step towards success!

8 months ago

I really love your website and blogs. I’ll be visiting again!

Deanna | Life By Deanna

Love your honesty! You have great goals set for the month. You got this 🙂

Marcia Moulton
8 months ago

These are great goals! I have had to re-prioritize my goals for this month to make room for our end-of-summer vacation! 🤣

Julie Russell
Julie Russell
8 months ago

I look forward to your monthly goals blog post because it’s so relatable. I love how you’re real about it when you don’t accomplish a goal and move it to next month. Looking forward to reading more blog posts!

Peggy Chen
8 months ago

Great post! Mapping out goals for the month is such an effective way to stay focused and motivated. I think I should also do the same!

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