Organizing Your Blog in One Place

About 4 years ago, I wrote my first 101 goals in 1001 days list. I loved the idea of doing it but it was hard. I am a goal setter and always have been but coming up with 101 goals to accomplish seemed impractical and extremely difficult.

But I did it. I wrote my list despite it taking me a few days to finally reach those 101 goals.

On that list, I wrote, publish a planner. I wish that I would have kept the original list that I made. Unfortunately, I didn’t and I don’t remember what number this was but I have always remembered that goal.

I actually have a newer updated list on my blog for the 101 goals. On this list, #40 is getting my blogging planner into stores.

Did I tell you that my blog planner has ARRIVED?!?!

Blog planning made easy with the Ultimate Blogging Planner

Your Ultimate Blogging Planner means that you can now keep track of all of your blogging information in 1 place.

I designed this blogging planner while I was working on some of my client’s needs. I grabbed the planner that I already had (not mine but one I purchased) and realized that it didn’t have anything that I needed. I was beyond frustrated at that point and grabbed my computer. I began to brainstorm all of the things that I needed to help me keep my blog organized.

This planner is the baby of all of that brainstorming. It is over 260 pages of blog organization. It allows you to keep track of EVERYTHING that you need when it comes to your blog.


This planner has the ability to keep track of 6 months of all your blogging needs. It is undated so that you can start it at any time during the year.

Inside it has (not in order)…

1| Keyword pages.

2| Your blog info pages.

3| On-page SEO template.

4| Blog post checklist

5| Monthly goal planner

6| Courses to invest in

7| Affiliate programs

8| Sponsored post contracts

9| Guest blog posts

10| Monthly calendars

11| My blogging space which includes blog stats, blog income, blog expenses, monthly goals, social media stats and more.

12| Goal trackers

13| Weekly planner with a place for email opt-in ideas and email campaigns

14| Blog post checklist

15| Daily schedules

16| Brainstorming pages

17| Notes pages

Watch this video where I show you what the planner looks like. I am narrowing it down to 1 of those choices. Are you ready to purchase the Ultimate Blogging Planner and finally have all your blog organized in 1 location?

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Organizing Your Blog in One Place

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