Pages to Have on Your Blogging Website

Having a blogging website means more than having just a 1-page website. Of course, you can do that but I don’t suggest it. I suggest having different pages for your ideal readers to be able to explore and learn even more about you.

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Even when I first began blogging, I knew that I needed more than that one page. I wanted whoever came to my site to feel welcome and like they were a part of something. Something that was changing the world with my truth.

I truly believe in creating a website where people will feel like they fit in. Blogging isn’t about ONLY giving them the information they are seeking but also about creating a place where they feel connected and safe. This will encourage your readers to continue to come back.


I love pretty websites. The colours I am drawn to always change for me. Sometimes I love the bold and colourful websites. Sometimes I love the girly and feminine websites. This blog post isn’t about the colours though. I am going to break down what pages you should have on your website and the importance of them.

ABOUT ME: This page is super important. I believe that it should also be the homepage of your website. You want your readers to know who you are and what you stand for. Your readers want the same thing. They want to know who they are getting their information from and why you are giving it to them.

Get personal on this page. Of course, your level of intimacy you share with your readers will depend on what you are comfortable with so it will be different for everyone. This page isn’t just about sharing facts with your readers. It is about letting them in on what your values are, who your blog is for, your why, and how you can help them. Show them your personality. Show them the real you and they will begin to fall in love with everything that they see and read.

BLOG: Of course this is a page that you must have on your blogging website. I also say you MUST have a blog on your website even if you have an e-commerce site. But again, that is not the point of this post. You want your readers to easily find where all your blog posts are.

I know with Wix, you can add blog elements to other pages. So if you have a services page, you can add your specific blog post category that talks about your services on that page. This means that no matter what page of your website your readers are on, they will be able to lead back to your blogging page.

CONTACT ME: You want to make it simple for your readers to contact you. Having a specific contact me page is a great way for them to easily find it. You can have a simple contact form on that page with a description of how and why they can contact you and that you will be in touch within 1-2 business days. This will encourage your readers to reach out and opening up that line of communication and connection.

LEGAL PAGES: This is an important one. Even if you are just starting out, I highly recommend that you always have these on your blog. Your legal page should include a disclaimer, terms and conditions, and privacy policy. Each of these legal pages serves a different purpose.

I have these 3 pages hidden on my site but I post them in the footer of my website. I do it this way so that they don’t take up space on my menu bar. It is totally up to you where you place them on your website. I found them the best in the footer area. Feel free to check out my legal pages. You can hire a lawyer to draft them up for you. I did create my own legal pages.


SERVICES PAGE: If you plan to have services that go along with your blog, having a separate services page is a great way for your readers to learn more about what you do. This page isn’t necessary if you do not plan to offer services to anyone. But it is a great way to monetize your blog when you are ready.

I have 3 separate services pages. They are blog coaching, freelance blogging, and blog management. Each page breaks down my different services. That way the information isn’t all on 1 page. Plus I have different ideal clients and readers for my different services. Having a separate page allows me to get into more detail about each service and how it helps those who sign up with me.

Those are the 4 MUST-HAVE pages to have on your website with 1 additional page to add to your website when you are ready. If you are looking for help setting up your blog, Blogology begins on October 4, 2023, and I still have limited spaces available for those who are interested and ready to begin their blog.

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Pages to Have on Your Blogging Website

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