How To Successfully Rebuild Your Blog

I said yes. 

Technically, I was prepared to say yes. I had an incredible opportunity and thought that this was my next step. I was preparing myself and I was ready to walk away from a business that I have been building since 2021. Well, really, building since 2016 when I began my entrepreneurial journey.

I have been feeling a disconnect for a while and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I couldn’t see what was missing and so saying yes felt like the next step that I was supposed to take.

Until it wasn’t anymore. 

I have learned that things don’t always work out the way that we think they might. Despite our best efforts and our best intentions, the Universe has another plan for us. Even when we don’t understand them. 

I am in the dazed and confused state. Trying to figure out where I go from here and what it is that I am meant to be doing. I LOVE my business. 2022 was the BEST year ever in my business. I had finally hit a stride and things have been going well. 

I wasn’t really walking away because business was bad. I was going to walk away because I was feeling off. I wasn’t feeling the passion and something was just missing. And so I was prepared. 


Maybe I needed something drastic to make myself listen. 

Maybe that is why it had to be this way. 

There was this little voice that was telling me no. That was telling me that I still needed to do my business. I still needed to be creative, create content, and continue down the path of my businesses but why would I be given this opportunity if it wasn’t what I was supposed to take it?

Now, can you feel the internal struggle that I was dealing with?

Things didn’t work out and here I am, writing this blog post. Not because the didn’t work out but because it took this giant NO to see what was going on around me. 

I am still feeling the sting but I am back at finding myself in the chaos. Trying to get through the next stage of healing and knowing that somewhere there is a lesson. A lesson that is leading me to the next chapter. 

And so yesterday I went to my blog and my jaw dropped. 


Since I have been fighting this inner turmoil, I had already walked away. I had already stopped blogging, stopped creating for myself, and pretended that this piece of me didn’t exist. I was throwing myself into my new endeavor and leaving everything else behind. 

Honestly, I am good at getting rid of the old versions of myself and moving on but this felt different. This felt incomplete. 

When I opened my blog analytics, I was crushed. Really, I shouldn’t be as I haven’t been blogging nor have I been creating social media content to even send people to my website. I had a handful of visitors to my blog and that was it. 

I had lost all of the work that I had been putting into my blog since 2014. 

All of the traffic was gone.

All of the connections I made were gone.

Everything was gone and my heart broke. That is when the realization came to me.

I was willing to walk away from my dream to help someone else build theirs. 

So here I am, on a Saturday night, writing a blog post to talk about what needs to happen now that I am back to square one on my blogging journey. 

How to successfully rebuild your blog


Now is the time that I can take all my tips and tricks and use them on myself. I can use myself as a test subject. I am ready to get consistent, share my knowledge, and build my readership back up to even more than I had when I stopped. 

How am I going to do just that?

Here are 7 steps that I am going to do to start rebuilding my blog after taking a break.

1: Create a schedule for how many blogs I am going to publish every week. I am going to start big because I am ready to jump right in with both feet so I am going to be publishing new blog content for the next 30 days twice a week. I will then reevaluate and see if I want to move that to three blog posts or keep it at two. 

2: Focus on creating a guest blog post at least once per month. I need to get my name back out there and the best way to help with that is to start showing up in front of other people’s audiences. So I am going to create a list and plan out who I am going to reach out to do some guest blog posts. Looking for some productivity tips, check out my blog on Boosting Your Productivity With These 5 Tips.

3: Create my social media schedule. Not only do I need to stay on top of building my blog back up, but I need to do the same thing to my social media platforms. Bringing traffic from my social media platforms to my website is going to help me rebuild my numbers. Here are some tips to help you with creating your social media strategy around your blog.

4: Create a new opt-in for all my website visitors. I do have an idea in mind and I am excited to work on it this upcoming week. I have so many different opt-ins that you can find on my website currently but now is the time to create something fresh and new. 

5: Host a workshop. I want to start hosting a monthly workshop. I love teaching blogging and all things creative content and so it is time I step up my workshop game. I do have a workshop coming up called, Master Your Content. This is an interactive workshop to set goals and create content surrounded by others who want to do the same. Want to join? It’s all happening online. 

6: Share my knowledge in my Facebook group. I have neglected them long enough so now is the time to really show them how much they mean to me. I have almost 200 beautiful and incredible people in my group and I am ready to spoil them and teach them all the things about blogging. Wanna join, Becoming The Blogger Within? We’d love to have you!

7: Collaborate with other small businesses to create some magic. I am not sure what all of the magic is going to be but I am so ready. I already had one incredible woman entrepreneur reach out and we are going to create a workshop together. There is nothing better than collaborating with other entrepreneurs.

I am ready to take my blog back. I am ready to begin again and remember why I started this journey and this business. It took my blog to disappear to realize what I was giving up.

Are you ready to join me to rebuild your blog over the next three months? The journey starts now! 

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How To Successfully Rebuild Your Blog

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1 year ago

Thanks for the post! There so much to do when it comes to blogging!

Nancy Andres
1 year ago

Bravery and honesty are two fine qualities you possess and I am sure with them you’ll get to the place you’re meant to be. Good luck and thanks for sharing. Warm regards, Nancy Andres @ Colors 4 Health.

Julie Russell
Julie Russell
1 year ago

First time reader and love these tips for rebuilding your blog! Tips about scheduling are very helpful. I look forward to reading more articles!

1 year ago

Great inspiring article. Love all the ideas to start up again.

Sheenia Denae | Lifestyle Blogger

I can definitely relate to this. Thanks for sharing.

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