Simple Storytelling Tips to Improve Your Blog

Have you ever received a random message through FB Messenger? A message that someone on your friend’s list wants you to join their MLM. (No this post is not to bash MLMs in any way.)

They normally start the same way. With a simple hello and then they just get right into what they want you to join. Do you know why it is such a turn-off for people?


They are being friendly, yes, but they aren’t getting to know you in ANY WAY possible. They are instantly selling to you. We don’t want to be sold to. We want to create connections with people.

Blogging is ALL about creating connections with people in an authentic way. It helps you to share your story in a way that is true to you that is going to support and help your reader in what they are coming to you for.


Storytelling is such an IMPACTFUL piece of your business. It will connect people to your business. It will show them the reason behind what it is that you do. It will show others that you are trustworthy and that you have their best interests at heart.

The above story has NONE of that. That is why it turns us off so much. We feel seen ONLY as a number, as an opportunity. NOT as the human connection that we want to be seen as.

You want to stand out. You created a blog to showcase your expertise in a way that will continue to reach your ideal reader and client. You want to meet them on their level. Talk to them where they currently are. Blogging has given you that platform to meet your client in their lives.

We are searching for connection more than ever now and I want to share with you some simple storytelling tips to help you improve your blog while connecting to your audience on a deeper level.

In this previous post, Blog Writing & Storytelling, I talk about the 5 Stages of Storytelling.


We all start a blog with hopes that it is going to be read by many many people. We want to share our message and our expertise. I help women share their stories through blogging and by adding storytelling pieces into your blog posts, you will begin to connect with your reader.

Here are four storytelling tips that you can start adding to your blog today to create the real impact that you were hoping for.

1| Start with a personal story. Your intro paragraph is so important when it comes to your blog. You want to reel them in with a personal story. You don’t want to give the ending of the story away in the first paragraph so tell it until it reaches a lesson. That is where you will begin with a headline of what it is that you are going to teach them.

2| Humanize what you are teaching. This is why stories are so important when it comes to blogging. You are putting a face to your blog. You are showing your readers that you understand what it is that they may be struggling with. Use your own stories in your blog post so that they can get to know the real you.

Have you ever been to a blog that shares recipes? Their blog posts are filled with personal stories. Yes, it is because word count makes a difference with SEO but it is also because they are connecting to their audience through their stories. They are humanizing themselves and the recipe that they created so that you know it is a real person behind them.

3| Incorporate storytelling elements. There are 5 main stages of storytelling. Context, conflict, climax, closure, and conclusion. By using these storytelling elements, you are going to be able to add pieces of your story throughout your blog post.

The intro paragraph is going to give your readers context into what you are teaching them and how you are the expert on what you are talking about. It will even bring up the conflict (or problem) that your story is going to solve for them.

The climax in blogging is going to be under the different headings that you use that are relevant to your blog post. These are the moments where you are teaching your readers the lessons that they are there to learn about.

The closure in blogging is going to be the end of the story. How did your story end from your intro post? Were there any other small details that you learned throughout that you didn’t share with your readers? We all want to know how stories end so this is where you tell them.

The conclusion in blogging is going to be the call to action. How are your blog readers going to use the information that you just gave them to help with their situation? They want to know how to proceed with what they just learned.

4| Teach through personal lessons. I know that I absolutely HATE reading boring and technical blog posts. It just doesn’t keep me occupied and I do NOT remember most of what I read that way. I learn so much better when there’s a personal story and a personal transformation. It shows me what is possible when it comes to what I am learning about.

Storytelling is such a simple way to add so much more context to your blog. By adding in personal stories, you are showing your reader that you understand where they currently are in whatever they are learning about.

Storytelling gives your brand, your blog, and your business a face. People want to feel like they are connected to the person behind the screen even if they don’t realize that is what they are wanting.

Storytelling is going to make you stand out from the crowd and want people to keep coming back to read and learn from you.

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Simple Storytelling Tips to Improve Your Blog

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