Steps to Take After You Hit Publish

You are staring at your computer screen and can hardly contain the excitement because you published your post. After the hours and hours, it took you to craft what you wanted to say, you now have no idea what to do.

You want people to read it. You want the world to see the effort that you put into this blog post. You want to scream from the rooftops that you did it. It is here and waiting for people to flock to your site to read your magic.

But you didn’t plan this far ahead. You have no idea what to do now that you finally hit publish on that content. You stare and stare and the only word that comes to your head is…


Well lucky for you, I am here to help you. Today we are going to talk about what you need to do AFTER you hit publish on your blog. The steps you need to take to help the success of that blog post you worked so hard on.


1| You want to head to your website and reread through that blog post. Making sure that words are spelled right, your graphics look like they are supposed to and that your post is visually appealing.

When doing this, make sure that you are checking it on both your desktop and mobile device. I know there have been times that I didn’t catch something that was incorrect on my mobile.

2| You want to share 1 pin for the blog post to Pinterest immediately. I have talked about this before but you want to make multiple pins per blog post but share 1 right after you publish or schedule it in for the day you do publish it.

You can even hit publish new pins that showcase the other blog posts that you linked in the newest post.

3| Share to your social media. Now I don’t recommend sharing to every social media that you have on the day that you publish your post. Spread it out. Depending on how often you post new content to your blog will depend on when you post to social media.

This is how I personally break mine down.


  1. New blog post goes live
  2. I share that blog post to my FB page.
  3. I share that blog post to my LinkedIn.
  4. I ask a question to my IG followers that has to do with my blog post. I will add the link up in my profile but I won’t share to my feed until the following day.
  5. I will post my new blog post in a few blogging groups and ask for comments and shares. I will do the same thing the next day in a couple of different groups.
  6. I create a Pinterest pin and share it immediately that day. I will then create anywhere from 3-6 more to spread throughout the following days.
  7. In my FB group, I will ask a question regarding my blog post and then share my post either later that evening or the following morning.

Figuring out your schedule will take a little playing around and again, it depends on how often you post during the week.

3| Ask a friend or two to share your blog post for you. Do you have a few loyal followers? Ask them to share your blog post with their following. This will help you reach more people that may not have seen your post before.

4| Check it off the list as a done post. You want to somehow keep track of topics that you have covered on blog posts. That doesn’t mean that you can’t cover them again but it just helps you stay organized.

For me, this means that I highlight the topic on my monthly calendar since that is where I plan out my blog posts in advance. Then at the end of the month, I will see which blog topics I did and which ones that I didn’t. The ones that I didn’t write about can move to days in the next month.

I also have a list in the notes section on my phone. So I have them all set up so I can check them off so I go and do that as well so I know that it has been done.

5| Share it to blogging groups that allow promotion. There are so many Facebook groups out there for bloggers to share their content. Find some that you love and that go along with your niche.

6| Reply to comments left on your other blog posts. Go through and check daily if you can. Reply, reply, reply. It is so important that you keep the dialogue open with your readers. They took the time to comment so you have the time to reply.

7| Share your new blog post to your IG stories. IG stories only last 24 hours unless you put them in a highlight.

8| Prepare all of your other Pinterest pins right away. That way you still do it while you are motivated. Schedule them into Pinterest too so that it is done. One less thing that you have to worry about the next day. (Even though you will be creating different pins the following day anyway.)

9| If you use Twitter, share throughout the day. I am not much of a Twitter user but know some bloggers that are. Take some of your favorite lines from your blog post and share them to that social media platform if you want to.

10| Feel free to check your analytics. Just remember NOT to get obsessed with this. I know how that goes and it can take over sometimes. I would say check after you publish and then maybe before you head to bed to see how the blog post did and where your traffic is coming from.

11| Take a break. You worked hard to get that blog post published and to get it out into the world. Give yourself a moment to catch your breath before you need to work again. Do something fun that you enjoy. Go watch some tv. Seriously just get away from your computer screen and your phone screen for a bit. YOU EARNED IT.

Steps to take after you publish your blog post.

Want to know what needs to be done BEFORE you hit publish? Check out my blog post that talks all about it.

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Steps to Take After You Hit Publish

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