Content Repurposing: Getting The Most Out Of Your Existing Content

Content is king. Or shall we say Queen? 

We are all looking for ways to maximize the value and reach of our content. Content repurposing is one powerful strategy to achieve this goal. By repurposing the content that you already have into various formats, you can breathe new life into their material, engage a wider audience, and drive better results. 

Today we are going to explore the concept of content repurposing, its benefits, techniques to make it work for you, and tips for successful implementation. Are you ready?


What is content repurposing? It refers to the process of taking your already existing content and transforming it into different formats for various channels and platforms. 

Content repurposing offers numerous benefits for your business and the content that you create. Let’s talk about some of the different benefits that you can get when you repurpose your current content.

1: Allows you to extend the lifespan of your content

Instead of constantly having to create new and fresh content, you can use your existing pieces and transform them into different formats. This way, you can continue to generate value from your content over a longer period. Social media moves fast and you want to make sure that you are getting your content in front of more people for longer. 

2: Allows you to increase your reach

Repurposing your content enables you to extend the lifespan of your current content. When you reshare your content in new and fresh ways, you are getting new eyes on your content. Think of all your social media platforms. How many new followers have you had in the last month? Most of us do not scroll through Instagram to see old content so your new followers, more than likely, haven’t seen the content that you created even 30 days ago. Now think about the content that you created three to six months ago.

3: Allows you to improve your SEO

When you repurpose your content into new and different formats, you can optimize each new piece for relevant keywords to help your audience find them. This means that search engines can discover and index your content more effectively, improving visibility in search results, and driving organic traffic to your website. 

4: Allows you to build up your engagement

Each platform you are on has a different type of audience. This means that they prefer to consume content in different formats. Repurposing your content allows you to cater to those audiences by creating different forms of content. Some individuals may love reading blog posts, while others prefer to watch a video or to even listen to a podcast. 

By repurposing your content through different methods, you are able to reach different members of your audience. You are able to capture the attention of a broader audience and provide them with content that resonates with THEIR preferences.

5: Allows you to be efficient with your time and energy

Who has the time to consistently create new content? 

Content repurposing

Most of us do not and by using content repurposing, it allows us to free up our time and energy to do other things that we enjoy doing. Inside and outside of our businesses. You already have the foundational pieces of content, you now just need to turn them into different formats. This allows you to maintain a consistent content strategy while efficiently using your existing resources. 

6: Allows you to reinforce your messaging and expertise

You are creating your content to share your expertise. Repurposing your content means that you can reinforce your key messages and ideas. By presenting the same core concepts in different formats, you are reinforcing your brand identity and increasing the chance of your message being understood and remembered. This is also going to help establish you as a thought leader in your industry. Consistency across various platforms and formats will help to solidify your brand identity and help your audience remember your brand.

7: Allows you to build brand authority and become a thought leader

By sharing valuable insights and knowledge across multiple channels, you build credibility and authority within your niche. This can lead to different opportunities to showcase your expertise even more through guest blogging, speaking engagements, and collaborations with other industry leaders giving you an opportunity to build and grow your business. 


There is going to be some content that is better for repurposing than other content. Christmas and holiday content can be hard to repurpose during any other time of the year but can be repurposed during those holidays year after year. 

You are going to want to identify your evergreen content. What is evergreen content? 

Evergreen content refers to your content that remains relevant and valuable to readers over a long period of time. It isn’t tied to current events or trends. It symbolizes content that remains fresh and useful. 

Your evergreen content is going to provide information, insights that will focus on topics that have long-term relevance and appeal to a wide audience. This content is going to help attract consistent traffic, as people continue to search for information on these topics. Evergreen content is also going to help establish your website as a reliable source of information, again, helping to build credibility and authority within your niche.

Look through all of the content that you have created and see what content will be considered evergreen. Remember to look through your social media content, blogging content, podcast content, and even newsletter content. All of this content will give you topics and ideas for repurposing benefits.  

When you are looking at all of your current content, look at the analytics and ask yourself these questions.

  •  What content performed well?
  • What content didn’t perform well? 
  • Did you cover this content on all of your different platforms?


To make the most of content repurposing, it’s important to create effective strategies. Here are some strategies that you can implement easily today.

1: Update existing content

Start by reviewing your existing content and identifying different pieces that can be updated. This is where your evergreen content is going to come into play. By adding new information, updating statistics, and even enhancing the quality, you can bring new life into your old content.

2: Turning existing content into different formats

I have already talked about this but look back at all the content that you have already created. For me, I already have over 160 blog posts and I have over 1,900 posts on Instagram. That gives me a TON of different content that I can turn into new content. Keep reading for different ways to repurpose your content.

3: Adapt your content for different audiences

What do I mean by this?

My content is geared toward beginner bloggers or small businesses who are looking for help with their content. By adapting your content for the different stages of your customer’s journey, you can reach a broader audience and address their specific needs. 

For example, you can turn an in-depth article into a beginner’s guide just by using simpler language and explanations. 


Now is the time to get down to business. How do you take your current pile of content and turn it into different content? Here is a list of how you can repurpose your content.

  • Turn your blog post into a podcast episode
  • Turn your blog post into a YouTube video
  • Turn your blog post into an Instagram reel
  • Turn your blog post into bite-sized educational graphics
  • Turn your blog post into an infographic
  • Turn your Instagram reels into carousel posts
  • Turn a YouTube video into an Instagram reel
  • Turn a YouTube video into a podcast episode
  • Pull your statistics out of a blog post and turn them into a graphic
  • Turn your workshops into workbooks
  • Turn your webinars into multiple podcast episodes
  • Turn your Instagram reels into a longer video series
  • Turn your blog post into a workbook
  • Turn your Instagram stories into Pinterest pins
  • Turn your YouTube video into a webinar
  • Turn your podcast interview into a blog post
  • Turn your blog post into an ebook
  • Turn your ebook into a blog post
  • Turn your blog post into an online course
  • Turn your online course into a workbook
  • Turn your online course into a workshop
  • Turn your workshop into an online course
  • Turn your Instagram reels into a Pinterest idea pin
  • Turn your blog posts into email newsletters
  • Turn your podcast episodes into email newsletters
  • Turn your blog post into a slideshow
  • Turn your slideshow into an online course
  • Turn your slideshow into an infographic
  • Turn your Instagram post into a Twitter quote
  • Turn your Pinterest pin into a Facebook graphic
  • Turn your Twitter quote into an Instagram story
  • Turn your Instagram story into a Facebook story
  • Turn your blog post into different quotes to share on all social media platforms
  • Turn your blog post into an Instagram carousel post

Content repurposing is a powerful strategy for maximizing the reach and impact of your content. By adapting your current content, you can extend the lifespan of that content, engage with a wider audience, and improve your search engine rankings. 

Remember to update your content regularly and experiment with different formats. With effective content repurposing strategies, you can stay ahead of your competition while giving yourself the time and freedom that you want. 

If you are looking for help with your content, I have room for a couple more small business content creation clients. I would love to help you take back control of your time and free up your energy to focus on everything else besides your social media content.

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Content Repurposing: Getting The Most Out Of Your Existing Content

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Sheenia Denae | Lifestyle Blogger

Love it! Very helpful and time consuming strategies.

10 months ago

I love the idea of repurposing. I have already seen posts climb Google rankings when I’ve updated them and it takes way less time than creating a new post. Pinning this list to refer to later.

Julie Russell
Julie Russell
10 months ago

Great information about content repurposing. I look forward to reading more articles!

10 months ago

Great examples of repurposing our content. I like to repurpose some of my content in guest blog posts. And it’s a great way to connect with others too. Thanks for sharing!

10 months ago

This is really good information! I wish I had read this when I was first starting out because I was so confused on how to repurpose content. You gave an awesome list of ideas! I’m going to save this for future reference 🙂

10 months ago

Great post! Over the years I have repurposed several blogs, and as time goes on our writing gets better the longer we do it. I enjoy repurposing my old blogs to see what else I can add to the storyline. Thank you for sharing!
10 months ago

Great post. I learned something new.

10 months ago

These are some really great ideas that I haven’t thought of. I might as well take advantage of this knowledge. Instead of coming up with new ideas every time, we can just transform the content. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

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